Dissolve Karmic Blocks for Good

If we experience a limiting belief - which is a block is on the level of conscious thought - we can work with it on the level of thought by going to talk therapy. If it’s on the level of emotion we might practice the surrender technique or emotional freedom techniques. If our energy system is blocked we can go to an accupuncture or reiki appointment to work on the level of the energy body.

Have you ever wondered why certain issues require you to return to these modalities over and over again without making any real progress? This is because the blocks that you experience on the level of thought, emotion, or in your energetic body all have roots on the karmic level of consciousness. Blocks on the karmic level cannot reliably be accessed by the conscious mind. They are connected to those limiting beliefs, emotional blocks or energetic patterns that can be modified with techniques like therapy, hypnosis, emotional surrendering, shadow work, reiki, ect. While all of those useful healing modalities have their place, they don't always go deep enough to dissolve the block at its root.

With karmic blocks we are concerned with going to the root of the problem to clear its underlying cause, eliminating the need to always “reset” back to baseline in order to live a fulfilling life.

The energy of compassion is the only medicine that can actually help us digest these experiences, thereby metabolizing them so the "root" is finally dissolved.

In this guide, you will learn how karmic blocks are experienced as a general, unexplainable, unattributable sense of feeling stuck, sick or in a chronic state of fatigue and lack despite our efforts to improve. Usually people don’t begin to explore the karmic level until various the healing modalities on the conscious thought level have been shown to be unsuccessful for their situation.

We have made it easy for you to learn the self-compassion techniques to achieve permanent relief without spending years experimenting on the more superficial levels of consciousness, only to get partial or unsatisfactory results. You'll gain an understanding of why things you tried in the past only worked for a little while, and you'll learn a powerful technique that you can use immediately to upgrade your self-healing skills to address even the deepest spiritual & emotional blocks.

Self-compassion is truly the final step in healing these deep-seated wounds. Yes, it will feel miraculous - and this is because the karmic impression which was blocking the steady stream of miracles has finally dissolved.

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Law of Attraction Troubleshooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know anything about the law of attraction to read this book?

It's not required! You can be a complete beginner. You can come from any spiritual background or belief system and benefit from the clearing technique in this book. This is because the technique does not rely on dogma, and it does not require that the reader outsource their power to an outside "guru" or teacher. Instead, it allows them to tap into the self-healing power that was always within, and demonstrates how to apply it systematically to every area of life without getting tripped up by the surface appearance of "impossible" problems.

What is a therapeutic myth?

Therapeutic myths have the power to catalyze internal changes in the reader & to bring about emotional benefits which are both positive & permanent.

Is this book based on any specific religious or spiritual belief system?

No. Compassion is simply a higher spiritual state of awareness that all religions and spiritual teachers encourage people to aspire to. This is because it clears away the clouds of negativity that block the miracles that are our birthright. When we know how to direct the compassion toward ourselves, then instead of trying to control others or outside events, we have the ability to clear our own energy field. At that point, there are no negative distortions reflected back to us, and the person or the outside event "miraculously" shifts. The word miraculously is in quotes because miracles are really the normal state of affairs - they are not actually an anomaly.

How is self-compassion different than other healing modalities?

Many healing modalities are aimed at blocks on more superficial levels - the level of conscious thought, the emotional level, or the energetic body's blocks. They are able to make temporary corrections in the moment, but these systems will get knocked out of balance yet again, unless & until the root of the issue is resolved. The causal factor is the block on the karmic level, and for this type of block, we need a strong medicine capable of dissolving the root. We encourage you to give these techniques a try, especially if other healing modalities have come up short for you!