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January 2025



Is this course for me?

The objective of this course is to teach students how to vibrationally tune in to their soul's success sectors and sustain this inner state until the chosen sector manifests into physical reality. Reality Transurfing principles are introduced at the very beginning with our companion ebook: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul.

Transurfing is the art of dissolving obstacles on the pathway to fulfillment by tuning in to a different sector of reality where those obstacles do not exist. The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul teaches beginning students how to access their own success sectors which are yet unrealized inside of the metaphysical space of variations.

If you are new to astrology, you might only be familiar with the Sun sign, which represents only the surface personality or ego. When you take the course, you may be surprised to uncover that all of your planets have equally important things to teach about what experiences will fulfill your unique soul in this lifetime. Learning astrology is about uncovering a set of potential energies specific to your soul's expression. Transurfing gives you the tools you need to choose how the energies will play out in the world.

The Course Outcomes

Astrological planets represent different dimensions of the soul. Understanding the ruling planets of the sign illuminates the backdrop of conversations - known as aspects - going on within the psyche. You may already have a feel for astrology's precision, but the real alchemical treasure is only uncovered once you can navigate the chart on your own.

Knowing the distinctions between Venus & the Moon - two opposing poles of the multi-faceted divine feminine within all of us - means that you can walk the fine line between cultivating emotional belonging (Moon) & going against the grain for your own deeply held values (Venus). If you study which signs these planets fall in for your own natal chart, you build a heightened self-awareness of how your own soul wants to express or experience these feminine aspects in this lifetime.

But what about obstacles & roadblocks?

If you pair astrological knowledge with a Transurfing skill-set, you no longer need to concern yourself with looking for an outside model of success that will work for you, because your natal chart is what illuminates your soul's fulfillment. Now, instead of fighting with life, you learn to simply choose a new desired reality as you require it. This course allows for a continuous upward spiral of soul fulfillment when Transurfing principles are applied.

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How does Transurfing fast-track us to our soul's unique fulfillment?

If you've ever listened to Abraham Hicks on the topic of the vibrational reality we live in, you've probably heard the phrase: "Every subject is two subjects," which refers to the fact that on a metaphysical level all things are made up of both everything and nothing. Translated into everyday language, it means: there is the potential for us to tune our attention into a) the presence of that thing, or to tune into b) the absence of that thing. The choice that we consistently tune into will reflect which reality eventually manifests. After all, if we are tuned into the absence of a subject, means that we are more closely tuned into the sector of reality where it doesn't appear in our physical world. We are getting the end of the stick which we are focused on. Most people don't think in terms of manifesting the absence of something, as they think you can only manifest the presence of something, but in reality there are infinite sectors of reality that might contain the presence or absence of any one subject, and the choice between them is ours. What Transurfing can do is teach us how to keep from creating any excess potentials that turn into obstacles, and show us how to tune into the infinite number of potential reality sectors within the space of variations. It requires cultivating a specific skill set to be able to align with external intention instead of forcing our way there using the mind, but doing so allows us to find the smoothest, quickest path to our soul's true goals.

What are excess potentials?

This is a Transurfing term for the energetic basis of what happens when people create artificially elevated importance surrounding any goal. When they put a goal on an unattainable pedestal to be idolized, they create an imbalance on the spiritual, energetic plane. In the metaphysical plane, every subject in the world has the same spiritual significance as every other subject, so making an idol out of something like a car, a relationship, or a position in our social circle, is considered to be an artificial elevation of importance, which the balancing forces seek to correct. They restore the balance in such a way as to limit the amount of power and influence that the person who created the excess potential can possess. This is why avoiding excess potentials is beneficial in smoothing out the pathway to your goals. Learn more about how excess potentials slow down goal achievement in this blog post.

Why not just use Transurfing by itself?

You can use Transurfing principles by themselves to choose any new sector of reality with the kinds of scripts and decorations you want to experience next. But how do you know for sure which ones you should choose? What Transurfing cannot do is reveal which of those sectors are the ones where your unique soul will find her fulfillment. For that, we need to consult the natal chart, which contains within it all of the proclivities of the soul - including the karmic blocks she came in with which the conscious mind has no access to. Once we know where she has been, she lets us know where she wants to go in more specific detail - it's a dynamic & beautiful process that involves the soul communicating with the mind via symbols.

Can I take this course as a beginner?

Yes! You can take Foundations of Planetary Myths as an astrological beginner and capitalize on everything in the course. That's the entire point! The foundation of astrology's precision is rooted in an empirical approach to myth in the collective psyche, so studying the archetypal experience is essential for building more advanced astrological skills.

What planets are covered in the course?

The course covers the mythology of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, & Pluto, plus the luminaries: the Sun & Moon. The idea is to go into archetypal experience in depth - you will apply the understanding from the myths and use it for the creative interpretation of your own natal chart. The rubber meets the road when you're in the driver's seat using the principle of inner & outer alignment to give these archetypes new forms. A Saturn Return bonus module is included at the end so that students learn to interpret transits. The Saturn Return helps you work with limitations. It gives you more latitude & creative freedom. It lets you define your own curriculum of life challenges in a way that feels spiritually cathartic instead of frustrating.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is designed for people who want more inner freedom to exercise their ability to be conscious creators, but might have very busy schedules. The pace of the course is structured in 30 minute daily increments, and the time to completion is 4 months.

How do I access my course?

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