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Is this course for me?

If you are looking to go beyond the patriarchal lens of the last 5,000 years and open yourself to all the faces of the divine feminine, especially the ones that were cutoff, shamed, or chased into hiding, you will love refining & re-defining each asteroid goddess in your natal chart.

The asteroid Pallas, for example, opens the gate of the feminine creative intelligence that is yielding. She offers us an alternative to the traditional Greek & Roman myths full of violence, treachery & competitiveness which suggest that conquering the environment is the only way to live a satisfying & fulfilling existence. The newly discovered asteroids guide us to integrate the lost, rejected and oppressed aspects of the divine feminine in order to show us how to restore the sanctity of the goddess within us all.

Students interpret their personal placements & aspects for the goddess asteroids, & learn to drop all social conditioning that doesn't serve their highest self. They discover how the goddess shows up in partnerships of all kinds. Their intuitive voice becomes stronger than their social conditioning, and this inner change is reflected by their ability to stand in their power consistently, to reinvent themselves as needed, & to show others the rejuvinative power of tuning in to the true spiritual essence.

Level 2 Course Outcomes

Just like our Level One Course, the objective is to teach students how to vibrationally tune in to their soul's success sectors and sustain this inner state until the chosen sector manifests into physical reality.

Reality Transurfing principles are introduced at the very beginning with our companion ebook: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul. This short guide teaches students how to access their own success sectors which are yet unrealized inside of the metaphysical space of variations. Transurfing is the art of dissolving obstacles on the pathway to fulfillment by tuning in to a different sector of reality where those obstacles do not exist. In this Level Two Course, the obstacles would include anything that impedes the healthy expression of the inner divine feminine.

The end of the course culminates in the creation of new daily habits which support the student's creative vision in accordance with their own design. Students will be able to articulate exactly what value they bring to the table in any kind of partnership, and they will develop full confidence in their ability to choose innovative, positive outcomes for any situation, no matter how "impossible."

** View the required reading list for this course below! ** All supplemental materials can be purchased in digital format.
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How does Transurfing fast-track us to our soul's unique fulfillment?

If you've ever listened to Abraham Hicks on the topic of the vibrational reality we live in, you've probably heard the phrase: "Every subject is two subjects," which refers to the fact that on a metaphysical level all things are made up of both everything and nothing. Translated into everyday language, it means: there is the potential for us to tune our attention into a) the presence of that thing, or to tune into b) the absence of that thing. The choice that we consistently tune into will reflect which reality eventually manifests. After all, if we are tuned into the absence of a subject, means that we are more closely tuned into the sector of reality where it doesn't appear in our physical world. We are getting the end of the stick which we are focused on. Most people don't think in terms of manifesting the absence of something, as they think you can only manifest the presence of something, but in reality there are infinite sectors of reality that might contain the presence or absence of any one subject, and the choice between them is ours. What Transurfing can do is teach us how to keep from creating any excess potentials that turn into obstacles, and show us how to tune into the infinite number of potential reality sectors within the space of variations. It requires cultivating a specific skill set to be able to align with external intention instead of forcing our way there using the mind, but doing so allows us to find the smoothest, quickest path to our soul's true goals.

What are excess potentials?

This is a Transurfing term for the energetic basis of what happens when people create artificially elevated importance surrounding any goal. When they put a goal on an unattainable pedestal to be idolized, they create an imbalance on the spiritual, energetic plane. In the metaphysical plane, every subject in the world has the same spiritual significance as every other subject, so making an idol out of something like a car, a relationship, or a position in our social circle, is considered to be an artificial elevation of importance, which the balancing forces seek to correct. They restore the balance in such a way as to limit the amount of power and influence that the person who created the excess potential can possess. This is why avoiding excess potentials is beneficial in smoothing out the pathway to your goals. Learn more about how excess potentials slow down goal achievement in this blog post.

Why not just use Transurfing by itself?

You can use Transurfing principles by themselves to choose any new sector of reality with the kinds of scripts and decorations you want to experience next. But how do you know for sure which ones you should choose? What Transurfing cannot do is reveal which of those sectors are the ones where your unique soul will find her fulfillment. For that, we need to consult the natal chart, which contains within it all of the proclivities of the soul - including the karmic blocks she came in with which the conscious mind has no access to. Once we know where she has been, she lets us know where she wants to go in more specific detail - it's a dynamic & beautiful process that involves the soul communicating with the mind via symbols.

Can I take this course as a beginner?

No. The Level Two course assumes you are familiar with aspect delineation, the archetypal roles of the planets, & the function of the signs/houses. If this is unfamiliar to you, we recommend taking Foundations of Planetary Myths first. This Level One course illuminates astrology's empirical approach to myth in the collective psyche for the nine major planetary bodies & teaches the principles of aspect interpretation. Familiarity with the role of the archetypal experience is essential for building more advanced astrological skills.

Those who want to skip to Balancing the Divine Feminine Mandala without taking Foundations of Planetary Myths first are recommended to have the following prerequisites met:

Previous work interpreting the range of potential energy for each major aspect in the chart, and;

Previous study on the mythology/archetypes of the major planets

You can also email with questions about which courses are right for your level.

What planets are covered in the course?

This course introduces the four asteroid goddesses Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, & Juno. Secondly, it walks students through the Lilith-Juno-Psyche progression, covering the shift from soul energy to spirit energy on planet Earth. Finally, it re-integrates the feminine poles of the Moon & Venus into the mandala so that these two familiar faces of the goddess can nourish & support the facets of feminine energy being re-introduced to the collective by the asteroids.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is designed for people who want more inner freedom to exercise their ability to be conscious creators - in other words, people who have very busy schedules. The pace of the course is structured in 30 minute daily increments, and the learning phase of the course spans 153 days. The final part is an 8 week creative period, where daily habits are implemented for a new asteroid each week.

How do I access my course?

After purchase, you will receive an email asking you to set a new password in LearnWorlds. This will allow you to access your learning dashboard as well as the course community. If you forgot your password, navigate to the login page from this original email and click 'Forgot Your Password?' in order to reset.

What is the cost of the required readings?

The required course readings are all available in digital Kindle format. The total cost for all three is currently $31. They are listed under the announcement bar in the middle of this page. Students will need to apply information from each book to their chart to complete the course.

Not sure which level is right for you?

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