Re-integrating the Shadow

This book covers the archetypal role of Lilith throughout mythology, and tracks her journey from the revered goddess through her demotion into demonology when the patriarchy took hold of cultural narratives. Modern psychological interpretations are explored as a way of healing the wild, primal facets of the divine feminine she represents.

The shadow side of Lilith expresses whenever we allow those around us to violate our personal ethos in some way, instead of upholding our own sovereignty. The Alchemical Book of Lilith shows you how to transcend the wound behind these experiences of betrayal, subjugation, self-undoing and the frustration we feel if we must sacrifice belonging in order to maintain our integrity.

Often, we fail to stand up for ourselves because we don't want to risk subjugation, judgement or humiliation. Who would? But by giving up our most authentic self, our passion & zest for life is also diminished. These patterns can be transmuted & healed within everyone - regardless of gender - and the process brings great emotional benefits.

This product is not a formal course, and it would take most people under an hour to read. No technical knowledge or previous experience with astrology is required. There is a final exercise included for the application of new creative processes. 

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