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Phoenix in the Stars

5 Illuminating Methods to Assess a Natal Chart at a Glance

5 Illuminating Methods to Assess a Natal Chart at a Glance

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A Quick Intro to the Natal Chart

Before the reader is ready to jump into delineating a chart, they can make a few basic assessments that give a bird's eye view of the inner emotional landscape. Planetary dominance is discussed by hemisphere, as well as how it might unfold in the angular, succedent, and cadent houses. The correspondences to human design types are given to illustrate where the cardinal, fixed, and mutable energies become necessary to support the expression of each profile.

There is a discussion on the false binary between "benefic" and "malefic" planets, and the reader is advised on how to avoid the pitfalls of dismissing the benefits and wisdom bestowed by heavyweight planets. Some older astrological literature treats outer planetary transits as though they are something to be feared, but this is simply a product of viewing these planets from a lower level of consciousness. Their energy is made available to us for healing our inner selves, harnessing the power to make changes, and for pushing us toward a positive transmutation of every aspect of our lives.

This short work will equip astrological beginners with the flexible, curious & adaptable mindset that's necessary to begin looking at specific planetary conversations in their natal chart. Astrology is a vast topic with a wide variety of branches - this book is a starting point for helping the student fill in the gaps on basics they may have missed.

This guide is a digital download.

This product is not a formal course, and it would take most people under an hour to read. No technical knowledge or previous experience with astrology is required. 

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