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Phoenix in the Stars

Psyche in the Signs & Houses

Psyche in the Signs & Houses

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Going Beyond the Level of Mind

The asteroid Psyche reveals the types of challenges we face on our journey to mastering the level of soul energy, where we sometimes doubt our abilities, forget to trust the process or become disconnected with the unchanging nature of our true self. She represents the ability to achieve unity of soul & mind. Transurfing students know how powerful the unity of soul and mind is on the way to our goal - their union brings about the incredible power of external intention, which fast-tracks us to the sector of reality where our soul's true goals are already realized.

Psyche's mythology details a riveting journey to self-mastery that culminates in her being granted immortality in order to re-unite with her true love. She introduces us to the spirit mate archetype, contextualizing the soul mate and consciousness mate partnerships we entered into in the past, and illuminating the kind of relationship we'd like to have once we are able to achieve radical self-trust. This kind of self-trust is not achieved by following the mind, who can only build a new house out of old bricks. Rather, it is allowing the soul to lead while the mind becomes her humble servant. When they achieve this unity, they allow us to live by the miraculous power of external intention.

The book is descriptive of Psyche's placement in all twelve signs and houses. After looking up Psyche's specific placement in the birth chart, audiences can learn more about how best to develop the psychoanalytic abilities, refine the intuitive gifts, and strengthen the inner psychological courage to express their divine limitlessness.

This guide is a digital download.

This product is not a formal course, and it would take most people under an hour to read. No technical knowledge or previous experience with astrology is required. 

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