Tuning Into the Soul's Success Sectors

Most people are now familiar with the concept that we live inside of a vibrational universe, and that the energy frequency that we are tuned into determines the specific events and circumstances which unfold. What often eludes people is how to find the smooth pathway there, instead of following a path filled with suffering, pain and obstacles.

Problems are such a common occurrence that it seems almost pointless to question why they are there, but in a vibrational universe, every occurrence on the physical plane has an energetic basis in metaphysical reality. That means you can pinpoint exactly where those problems were created and then make an inward move to dissolve them. You do this by identifying where you created an excess potential.

If you don’t know what excess potentials are and you plan to go after several goals in the near future, you’ll make your life a lot easier if you learn how to manage them. Excess potentials are the energetic basis of all physical obstacles in the world.

Have you noticed when something is extremely important, it’s almost impossible to let go of the fear and anxiety that surrounds the possibility of losing it? A desire isn't so bad by itself, but the energy of importance becomes an excess potential if a comparative relationship arises to define the worth of a subject in our minds.

When you artificially inflate the importance of any one subject or person as compared to everything else, you create what's known as a dependence relationship. An example might be: "This person is much more spiritual, or more god-like than other beings, therefore, they are worthy of being placed on a pedestal in my mind." This is a dependence relationship - the worth of one person is derived from a comparison to other beings.

Each time an excess potential is created and the balance is disturbed, nature makes a correction on the metaphysical plane to restore the well-being and order of the collective. So what exactly constitutes an imbalance on the metaphysical plane?

Since everything is energy, all subjects are made up of everything and nothing at the same time, and therefore, everything has an equal spiritual value in the eyes of nature. Because nature is always striving toward balance, an excess potential will trigger an event in the physical world in order to restore the balance, and it will always be directed against the person who created the excess potential. The person who is being worshipped and idolized our example above will be knocked off the pedestal you placed them on, either through separation or another seemingly arbitrary obstacle.

What is so often misunderstood is that these obstacles are not put in your pathway by chance; they are a direct result of artifically elevated importance. There are many types of excess potentials besides elevated importance that lie at the root of obstacles. Instead of trying to fight obstacles directly, becoming aware of where you are creating excess potentials unknowingly is half the battle in succeeding at Reality Transurfing. Learning how to exercise your right to choose a different sector of reality from the space of variations which you would enjoy even more is the other half of the equation.

This book gives you a practical overview of how this works so you can see exactly where your negative conditioning has tricked you into creating excess potentials and blocking your own success.

The guide will show you exactly how to tune into your soul's unique success sector inside of the space of variations and stay there. The space of variations contains an infinite number of life tracks that are still in their metaphysical, energy forms. One of them is consciously chosen when an individuals soul and mind are in agreement about the qualities and scripts of that sector being true for their own life.

This is actually how our fears get unconsciously realized, but it can be reverse engineered and applied to our soul's highest goals instead. In order for the soul to find her fulfillment, we cannot let the mind lead, because a problem cannot be solved on the same level of the problem. This is what the mind tries to do - it is limited, full of doubts, and only able to build a new house from old bricks. If you want to have a higher vibrational experience, you must understand how to allow your soul to feel her way there.

The techniques in this book will allow you to become more familiar with experiencing the upward spiral of the soul, and not getting stuck in the mud of the downward spiral the mind gets trapped inside.

The obstacles in your path can be systemically eliminated by working with the energy that underlies their creation. This guide is like strength training to equip your soul to do this more & more effortlessly.

Trust that your soul is ready for this new information and dive into The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul today!

This guide is a digital download.

This product is not a formal course, and it would take most people less than 3 hours to read. No technical knowledge or previous experience with astrology or Transurfing is required. All exercises can be completed at a beginner level, and they emphasizes the coordination of intention to travel up the scale of consciousness to the higher, positive emotional states. Readers who are advanced astrology students will be challenged to take a systematic approach of coordination of intention with each aspect in their chart.

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What is the Vicious Mirror Cycle?

Until you get comfortable with the fact that the nature of reality works like a mirror with a significant delay, you will tend to emit negative emotional energy when there is no physical proof of your goal unfolding right away. Most people are vibrationally tuned in to the absence of their goal - thus, the outer experience that is reflected back to them will depict circumstances where the goal hasn't unfolded. When you emit this negative energy for a sustained period, you enter The Vicious Mirror Cycle where outer circumstances reflect more and more negativity that compounds on itself. This sometimes causes people to lose heart entirely, which the worst possible outcome. Reality Transurfing principles point out how to enter the Miraculous Mirror Cycle, even if you're very deep inside a Vicious Mirror Cycle currently.

What is the Miraculous Mirror Cycle?

People who end up reaching a certain goal are those who actively seek out a way to stay focused on a feeling of inner satisfaction and fulfillment, even if everything is outwardly going “wrong”. They do this by ignoring what the current reflection is, and evoking an inner feeling on their own -independent of outer circumstances - which corresponds to how they would feel when the goal has come to fruition. This is tricky to do without knowing what excess potentials are, but if they manage to avoid creating too many excess potentials along the way, they will be able to start confirming those tiny little positive signs that happen when you shift from an inner sense of lack to an inner sense of satisfaction. That positive momentum will be the doorway into an entirely different feedback loop from the reality mirror: the Miraculous Mirror Cycle. It is possible for everyone to be living in the Miraculous Mirror Cycle for the majority of their lives, but people are so invested in searching for an objective model of reality to follow, that they don't understand that all of manifestation is simply a reflection of their inner state.

What are excess potentials?

This is a Transurfing term for the energetic basis of what happens when people create artificially elevated importance surrounding the goal. When they put a goal on an unattainable pedestal to be idolized, they create an imbalance on the spiritual, energetic plane. In the metaphysical plane, every subject in the world has the same spiritual significance as every other subject, so making an idol out of something like a car, a relationship, or a position in our social circle, is considered to be an artificial elevation of importance, which the balancing forces seek to correct. They restore the balance in such a way as to limit the amount of power and influence that the person who created the excess potential can possess. Learn more about how excess potentials slow down goal achievement in this blog post.

How does Transurfing fast-track us to our soul's fulfillment?

If you've ever listened to Abraham Hicks on the topic of the vibrational reality we live in, you've probably heard the phrase: "Every subject is two subjects," which refers to the fact that on a metaphysical level all things are made up of both everything and nothing. Translated into everyday language, it means: there is the potential for us to tune our attention into a) the presence of that thing, or to tune into b) the absence of that thing. The choice that we consistently tune into will reflect which reality eventually manifests. After all, if we are tuned into the absence of a subject, means that we are more closely tuned into the sector of reality where it doesn't appear in our physical world. We are getting the end of the stick which we are focused on. Most people don't think in terms of manifesting the absence of something, as they think you can only manifest the presence of something, but in reality there are infinite sectors of reality that might contain the presence or absence of any one subject, and the choice between them is ours. What Transurfing can do is teach us how to keep from creating excess potentials and show us how to tune into the infinite number of potential reality sectors within the space of variations. It requires cultivating a specific skill set to be able to align with external intention instead of forcing our way there using the mind, but doing so allows us to find the smoothest, quickest path to our soul's true goals.

How do astrology and Transurfing work together in this guide?

The Transurfing model says, “Let me show you how to live in such a way as to dissolve all the obstacles on the way to your goal via external intention. Tell me, have you identified your goals by listening to your soul?” Transurfing gives you control over your own personal layer of reality - but what this model cannot do is determine those goals which your soul is truly interested in. For that, we need a different kind of tool.

If you were helping someone identify a fulfilling goal, how would you go about it? You would probably learn everything you can about the person to build a mental picture about where they might enjoy applying their strengths, or about the areas of life they would like to expand with love. Why not do this for your own soul? You only live this incarnation once, so give yourself a fighting chance! The astrological model says, “Let me show you the nature of your soul’s goal in fine detail. Tell me, have you decided the emotional attitude you will take toward this map of your soul’s destiny?

Astrology can show you the proclivities, likes, dislikes, past impressions and desires that your soul carried into this incarnation, but to give yourself a fighting chance, we must learn how to work with the dual-sided reality mirror, which only turns into physical matter after a delay.

This guide is your introduction to how to work with that mirror in the context of your personal soul's goals, so that you are not instantly defeated in the face of obstacles. In addition to your natal chart, it is truly a secret weapon in your pocket.