What Are Excess Potentials, and How Do They Slow Down Goal Achievement?

What Are Excess Potentials, and How Do They Slow Down Goal Achievement?

If you've been walking the spiritual path for a while now, you have probably heard something to the effect of "There is no order of difficulty in miracles," meaning that for the divine intelligence, there is no difference in complexity between delivering a small request - like a latte - or a larger one - like a mansion. Since we are so conditioned to only think in physical terms, the fact that everything is energy and therefore all requests are equal seems counterintuitive at first. To most people, there seems to be a huge difference between choosing a snack from the cupboard or choosing which successful online business you want to start. Even though the business seems much more complex, if you really wanted to, you could make choosing a snack just as difficult as you think the business side of things is supposed to be. This makes it more obvious that is only how we perceive each scenario which will determine whether it goes smoothly or not. But why do specific obstacles and difficulties arise, as if on cue? There is actually an energy basis for the formation of obstacles - they are not random or just due to chance. In Reality Transurfing, the force behind the obstacles, or the root of their appearance - is known as excess potentials.

The Phoenix in the Stars Astrological Academy takes a Transurfing approach to astrology, because it allows you to uncover the smoothest path to the fulfillment of the soul by eliminating excess potentials. In other words, even if you understand the map of the soul - the natal chart - but you don't know how to handle the obstacles you're faced with in life, then you're still up a creek without a paddle. Reality Transurfing is the art of allowing obstacles to dissolve on their own - you just need to understand their energetic basis.

Excess potentials are created in a variety of ways, but in this case we will be discussing one specific kind: the energy of elevated importance. This excess potential arises when you give an artificially inflated importance to one subject over everything else. Perhaps in your mind, you treat your afternoon latte with minimal importance: if they do not have coconut milk, you get almond. It is not even a big deal if they are out of milk altogether, because you could stop in another coffee shop if you pleased. In contrast, that mansion you have been dreaming about - the perfect one that just went on sale in your price range in the ideal neighborhood close to your loved ones - is sitting on a pedestal in your psyche. It has become something you almost worship - the importance of the mansion is now so elevated that the thought of not having it absolutely crushes you inside. When we say importance is elevated, what we mean is that the mansion is not holding a minimal amount of importance like the latte is, where you appreciate and enjoy it, but your well-being does not depend upon things turning out the exact way that you planned.

In the case of the mansion, you are allowing its importance level to affect your peace of mind and well-being, as well as stir up all these fears and doubts about whether you could actually own it. By inwardly evoking a feeling that you would be so disappointed if it didn't become yours, you are actually tuning in to a sector of reality where there is a lot of fear and uncertainty surrounding this subject which is particularly important to you. As Abraham Hicks frequently says: "Every subject is really two subjects." This means on the vibrational level - where everything is made up of both everything and nothing - we can tune into either the presence of the subject or the absence of the subject. When importance is so high in terms of the mansion, the fear, doubt, and uncertainty are what predominate in our consciousness. No wonder when importance is lower, it becomes easier for us to tune into the presence of the goal.

Have you noticed when something is extremely important it’s almost impossible to let go of the fear and anxiety that surrounds the possibility of losing it? In cases of our livelihood and loved ones, we tend to ruminate on their absence as the mind focuses on the means by which we can secure their presence in our lives. Then, paradoxically, a laundry list of obstacles or worst case scenarios are the only thing we experience dominating our consciousness.

You have two options: you can either be tuned into the presence of the goal, and feel your way toward the positive experience of having it in your life - or you can tune into the absence of the goal, and only put your attention on all the obstacles you need to “overcome” in order to get there. “I don’t have enough money, time, connections, etc." are common thoughts that the mind puts forth as justification for more thinking & analyzing about how it will get somewhere. If you do the latter unconsciously, then you have unconsciously chosen the sector of reality where there will be infinitely more obstacles to overcome, until you decide to tune into the sector where the goal has already been realized. The thing is, the mind can only build a new house from old bricks - it cannot provide you with the materials you need to have a completely new experience. That has to come from your soul; she knows how to tune into the space of variations at will.

Abraham Hicks is always saying that well-being is the order of the world, but the reason it doesn’t appear that way is because most people are tuned into only what they see, and that means for the most part, they’re tuned into the absence of their goals. The goal is only going to exist on the vibrational level at first, and if you tune into the presence of the goal (by purposely evoking an inner feeling as if everything is going swimmingly), then the balancing forces will not create any obstacles for you on the way to the goal.

What are the balancing forces, you ask? This is a Transurfing term for the energetic basis of what happens when people drum up a lot of excess potentials (like elevated importance) surrounding their goals. When they put the goal on an unattainable pedestal to be idolized, they create an imbalance on the spiritual, energetic plane. In the metaphysical plane, every subject in the world has the same spiritual significance as every other subject, so making an idol out of something like a car, a relationship, or a position in our social circle, is considered to be an artificial elevation of importance. It’s called artificial because the elevated importance doesn’t exist on the metaphysical plane. You can love, cherish or care about something all you want, and this will not create an excess potential - but if you make an idol of it, this artificial elevation will be knocked down by the balancing forces. The specific way that the balancing forces do this could be anything from petty annoyances to huge unexpected events that remove the object from your life entirely - it just depends on which method would take the least amount of energy to restore the balance.

Where do the balancing forces come from? Well, everything in nature is striving towards balance, and it will take the most efficient path to maintain this balanced state. So, if one area of life - say a job - is placed on a pedestal in comparison with another area - say hobbies, relationships, spirituality, then the balancing forces will swoop in and create problems in the job in order to restore an equal balance of importance. For example, the person who worshipped working (perhaps a workaholic or someone who equated his spiritual worth with his job title) will get sick, or maybe he will find himself with family obligations or emergencies that prevent them from coming in, or something else will happen that forces him to re-evaluate the pedestal that he artificially created for the job. 

If you know certain strategies for dealing with elevated importance, it allows you to preemptively decide how you're going to keep your goals off of the pedestal and therefore, allow yourself to gently hold onto them for as long as you'd like. This way, all of your goals will feel as easy to achieve as choosing a snack from a cupboard. You can test this by working with smaller goals throughout the day, consciously lowering their importance, and just acting like their accomplishment is as easy as walking to the cupboard for a snack. Although it's extremely challenging to do this consistently with supposedly "larger" goals - because you have to disregard what the physical eyes are telling you about whether they are on the way - an awareness of the balancing forces gives you a huge advantage. You can preemptively decide toward success & smoothness by keeping importance at a minimum, or you could walk toward failure and obstacles by idolizing the goal.

Although Transurfing principles give you a great advantage of advanced awareness, knowledge alone is still not sufficient. You need to develop the internal strength to be able to trust the flow of variations when it takes you places that you didn’t plan for - and for this, we need unique strategies to keep importance low and stop creating excessive potentials. When you align with external intention, the divine intelligence will transport you along the fast track to your goals, and this will involve some unfamiliar twists and turns that could make you panic if you didn’t cultivate the ability to trust. The mind will distrust any event that isn’t part of its own plan - but you need to apply the principles of Transurfing and practice trusting the flow. The world needs the gifts that your soul has stored within, and you can be certain the path is there - you just need to practice tuning into it!
While astrology illuminates the proclivities, impressions and desires of the soul, Transurfing principles systematically remove the obstacles, difficulties and emotional discomfort along the way to the soul's fulfillment because it teaches you how to deal with excess potentials - one of the most insidious reasons why the soul has difficulty reaching her goal. This is why the Phoenix in the Stars Astrological Academy teaches from a Transurfing lens. We look at the natal chart with a two pronged approach: 1) to intimately know the nature of our soul's goals for this incarnation and 2) to identify areas where excess potentials are being created, so that we can systematically eliminate them to ensure the smooth fulfillment of the soul's goals.

Since Reality Transurfing gives you the ability to choose the sector of reality that you want to realize from the space of variations, there is no longer a need to exert control over other people or outside events or to create win-lose situations. Rather, by tuning your soul into the space of variations, you will be able to choose the exact sector that your soul would like to manifest in physical reality, without any cost to you or to others. So, if you have a handle on your soul's goals from your natal chart already, you'll be living the life of your dreams (quite literally)! If you would like to practice this approach, but you are not ready to commit to a full course, or you know some astrology but want to begin with Transurfing, you can check out our digital guide: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul. This short guide will keep you so inspired to practice Transurfing principles because the results will be beautifully surprising, delightfully tangible, and totally repeatable for every single area of life.

Enjoy the process!


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