How to Find the Smoothest Path to Your Soul's True Goals

How to Find the Smoothest Path to Your Soul's True Goals

If you've ever listened to Abraham Hicks on the topic of the vibrational reality we live in, you've probably heard the phrase: "Every subject is two subjects," which refers to the fact that on a metaphysical level all things are made up of both everything and nothing. Translated into everyday language, it means: there is the potential for us to tune our attention into a) the presence of that thing, or to tune into b) the absence of that thing. The choice that we consistently tune into will reflect which reality eventually manifests. After all, if we are tuned into the absence of a subject, means that we are more closely tuned into the sector of reality where it doesn't appear in our physical world. We are getting the end of the stick which we are focused on. Most people don't think in terms of manifesting the absence of something, as they think you can only manifest the presence of something, but in reality there are infinite sectors of reality that might contain the presence or absence of any one subject, and the choice between them is ours.

Here's the tricky thing: The mind believes that its job should be focusing on the means to achieving the goal. It sounds innocent and sensible at first glance, but what actually ends up happening is the following: "Well, I have this problem to deal with before I am ready; I have this other obstacle I need to eliminate; I need to come up with the funds; I don't have a strong enough plan; I don't have enough connections/relationships yet to get me off of the ground...," and on and on, ad nauseam. So, after allowing the mind to try to come up with the means on its own, what did we end up tuning into on the vibrational plane? We are more tuned into the absence of the problem than we are tuned into what it feels to experience the goal as already having been realized in our life.

Can you guess what will happen next? In short, allowing the mind to try and figure out the means will take us to a sector of reality that aligns with the absence of the goal, because if the goal were here already, why would we need to try and figure out the means?

Of course, when we talk about exerting control over reality, it is only over our own personal layer of reality, and that is really all we need to be fulfilled. This article is not about Absolute Truth, which is beyond concepts, but about how our own relative truths are created. Our relative truths get created via a process of us emitting energy out into the world, which then gets reflected back to us, after a delay. In other words, reality behaves just like a mirror, except that the subsequent reflection is not instantaneous.

The energetic basis of the negative events in our life can be confusing if we are used to relating to the world purely from our physical eyes. Many people understand why it is more efficient to work on tuning in vibrationally to the presence of the goal they want to achieve (the feeling of it being achieved already), rather than allow their focus to be dominated by all the apparent obstacles and limitations that seem to be in the way. What often gets misunderstood is the basis by which those obstacles appear. Once we have chosen a goal, the frequency and difficulty of obstacles will always be proportionate to the level of excess potentials that we create. Excess potentials arise when we give an artificially inflated sense of importance to something in our life , placing it on a pedestal to be worshipped. For example, thinking that our worth is higher than someone else's because of our job title, or demanding that everything go perfectly on our wedding day, placing that day on a pedestal and raising its importance to astronomical levels.

When importance is elevated this much, things get out of balance because on a spiritual level, every subject has an equal value. Thus, nature will want to move back to the state of overall balance and well-being, and it always takes the path of least resistance. So, if it's true that well-being is the order of the world, then why doesn't it seem like it? People are so conditioned to raising importance to astronomical levels to get what they want (e.g. fiercely desiring something), that they believe the associated obstacles along the path are normal. But the truth is, if you view owning a Ferrari as being as easy as choosing a snack from the cupboard, then no excessive potentials are created, and here appears your smooth path to owning the car!

It seems unbelievable at first that the level of importance you give to something can make or break your entire dream coming true, but you can test it yourself with smaller level goals where it is easier to consciously lower importance. Pick one and say to yourself: "It is ok if this does not go according to plan - another solution would work just as well," and then see what happens. How many obstacles got in your way when you tried this?

The whole thing can be difficult to perceive until we give a name to the energetic basis that places the obstacles in our path when importance is too high. In Transurfing, this energy phenomenon is referred to as the actions of the balancing forces. Since nature always strives toward balance, keeping things in balance on the spiritual plane equates to ensuring that no false comparative relationships can exist. This is because, since everything is made up of everything and nothing on the metaphysical plane, then no one subject can be said to have more spiritual value than another subject. When you raise the importance of your job title to such an extent that you start acting like you have more worth than other spiritual beings, this is where the balancing forces will swoop in to restore balance - because you are the one who disturbed the balance, they will give you a flick on the wrist in whatever way takes the least amount of energy. You may face criticism, slander, a loss of your good reputation or the loss of your job, in extreme cases - but in any case, it will be proportionate to how much the balance was disturbed.

The fact that we cannot physically see the balancing forces at work - because the reality mirror works with a delay - is the reason why people think that obstacles and difficulties are random. When people get a flick on the wrist from life, they aren't in the habit of looking back and seeing where importance was artificially elevated. Instead they just assume that sometimes life is against us, but actually, we created a scenario that went against the balance, and we got a flick on the wrist.

So how can we use what we've learned to our advantage when seeking the smoothest path to our dreams being fulfilled? Ask yourself: once your dream is here in physical reality, where did your desire go? Note that desire actually cannot co-exist with the dream being fulfilled. You're not holding onto desire anymore once the dream is here, and the importance of achieving the goal has suddenly become zero. Contrary to popular belief, desire is not the means by which we achieve goals- in fact, it is antithetical to the goal being realized physically, because you cannot hold both the actualized dream and the desire simultaneously. You can only hold onto one or the other at any one time.

Now ask yourself: what if I preemptively surrendered my desire, in the name of tuning into the presence of the goal, where the goal is already a part of my physical reality? Now let's examine where we ended up vibrationally... exactly where we wanted to be - without desire! We can be sure the goal will physically appear shortly after, because we are no longer tuned into its absence (e.g. holding a desire). Therefore, whether the path is a bumpy, challenging road or a smooth cobblestone street is actually something under our control, so long as we know to keep importance at a minimum, by surrendering the desire. Do not confuse this with giving up on the goal - it is only a false myth that we must hang on to the emotion of desire with a death grip in order to reach the summit. We actually gain the goal when we give up the desire for it.

Why does this work? There are two reasons that keeping importance low will fast track you to your goals: 1) the negative emotions associated with losing something important to us are at a minimum. This means we are not tuned in vibrationally to what it would feel like to live in a reality where the goal is not here with us. Secondly, the balancing forces will not place as many obstacles in your path as they would if you placed the goal on a pedestal and were ready to risk it all to achieve it.

All of these excess potentials have really fooled us into believing that some goals are just too hard to achieve while living in a physical 3D reality. Fortunately, there have been plenty of instances of inventions where people have said it were impossible that have now turned into every day occurrences (e.g. the lightbulb, the airplane, the television, the car). In Transurfing, the metaphysical side of the reality mirror is called the space of variations, where there exists an infinite amount of reality sectors that we could choose based on our soul's goals, including those that society would say are impossible, improbable or only fantasy. Actually, they are not impossible. In fact, the only reason we would not reach our chosen destination is if we create too many excess potentials and raise importance too much, which would translate to various kinds of obstacles on the path. If you're not creating a bunch of excess potentials, then the only thing left to do is just walk the smoothly paved path to your chosen goal! If elevated importance is absent, then obstacles are no longer a part of the story.

Although Transurfing principles give you a great advantage of advanced awareness, knowledge alone is still not sufficient. You need to develop the internal strength to be able to trust the flow of variations when it takes you places that you didn’t plan for - and for this, we need unique strategies to keep importance low and stop creating excessive potentials. When you align with external intention, the divine intelligence will transport you along the fast track to your goals, and this will involve some unfamiliar twists and turns that could make you panic if you didn’t cultivate the ability to trust.  The mind will distrust any event that isn’t part of its own plan - but you need to apply the principles of Transurfing and practice trusting the flow. The world needs the gifts that your soul has stored within, and you can be certain the path is there - you just need to practice tuning into it!

If you would like to learn a lot more about strategies for working with the reality mirror and keeping importance low, you can check out our guide: The Smooth Fulfillment of The Soul. This short guide combines Transurfing principles - to lower the obstacles and smooth out the path - with astrological knolwedge - to illuminate the specific goals that would make your individual soul sing!

Enjoy the process!


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