How to Eliminate the Root of any Inferiority Complex

How to Eliminate the Root of any Inferiority Complex

Have you ever questioned if there's any objective truth to your inferiority complexes in reality? Even if you are aware that it's only a relative truth that came from negative early conditioning, you might feel totally powerless to solve it because it tends to become all-pervasive in certain areas of your life.

In this blog post, we are going to walk ourselves through the process of retiring our inferiority complexes forever, in favor of developing those inner qualities of our soul we find more pleasurable to experience.

Let's begin!

Maybe you've heard the following joke: a patient goes to the doctor, and he says, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this," and the patient proceeds to raise his left hand above his head.

The doctor replies, "Well, don't that!"

It's funny (in a dad-humor sort of way) because of the unexpectedness of the doctor neglecting to do his job, which is to use his knowledge in order to get to the root of the issue. Instead, the doctor opts to offer a solution that is so unsatisfactory, all we can do is laugh.

It seems ridiculous that the patient would accept this from the doctor as a real solution to his pain, and yet we do this every day when it comes to our inferiority complexes. Because the root of their issue is always hidden to our physical eyes, our attempts at fighting or overcompensating for them won't work. These attempts only delay the inevitable negative feedback which stems from the root cause of the complex, and certain areas of life remain unsatisfying to us.

After a pattern of failures that we can't seem to remedy, we begin to avoid the subject of the inferiority complex altogether. At this stage, we don't have the same perspective as we just did with the doctor in the above joke. We quit trying to get at the root of the issue, and we no longer see how ridiculous the avoidance is. It seems like the only option we have left, since we cannot see where the root of the negative feedback cycle began.

We will start retiring our inferiority complexes by first identifying the exact root of their manifestation, which is when we take the feedback we see from our outer world to be an absolute truth about ourselves, instead of a relative truth created by a distorted understanding of the nature of reality. This, in turn causes us to emit an unpleasant, negative frequency for long periods of time, and that frequency closes the negative feedback loop which we will call the Vicious Reality Cycle.

Imagine you’re standing in front of an ordinary mirror and you raise your arm. You expect a mirror to reflect back this motion back instantaneously, and this is exactly what happens. But what if the mirror didn't reflect this movement back to you until after a significant delay?

If nothing happened right away, you would probably be thinking to yourself “What’s wrong with this mirror?" But the nature of reality is just like this mirror that operates with a delay.

When you emit a positive emotional frequency & positive thoughts aligned with a new vision, things begin to happen behind the scenes on the metaphysical plane first. That's why you can’t see anything change instantaneously. What we have to do is to get in the habit of expecting a delay so that we are prompted to sustain the image we want to see manifested in its reflection. If there is no consistency, there is no sustained image.

If we do not expect the delay, we become dejected and lose heart when no results are forthcoming immediately. We emit anger, frustration, self-hatred, sadness, powerlessness, and so on. In this situation, we can ask ourselves: what kind of frequency did I ultimately end up sustaining in front of the reality mirror? If you totally lost heart, then the answer would be that the frequency of powerlessness was sustained. Thus, the mirror will reflect back to you an outer reality that constantly triggers you to feel powerless.

Most people are searching for an objective understanding of reality based upon absolute truths so that they can uncover the recipe for success, but the nature of reality is made up of dynamic layers of relative truths that unfold in our own life as a reflection of what we emitted via our thoughts and feelings. The dual-sided nature of the reality is both physical (the input of the original image that is returned to us based on what we emit) and metaphysical (the output side of the mirror that we have control over based on the emotional frequency we sustain).

Whatever we tell the mirror our truth is, it will always agree. If you look in the mirror and tell yourself how stupid you look, or how you have put on 15 pounds since you were younger, the mirror will look back and tell you, "Yes, your outfit doesn't suit you, and you are progressively getting fatter by the minute." All outer conditions will begin to support what you perceive to be an absolute truth, and this is how people unwittingly find themselves inside of what we call the Vicious Mirror Cycle. It is called "vicious", and not just "negative", because until it dawns on people that the reality mirror is reflecting back relative truths, they can't reliably find a way out of it, and it typically gets worse. They look and look for an absolute, objective, concrete solution without thinking to make a change to their inner world.

Reality only behaves according to the feeling tones that we personally ascribe to it, and if the soul and mind are in a state of constant fear, our outer circumstances will soon match it. The result is that the more they confirm things are getting bleaker, the more the mirror agrees with their assessment, providing them with even more depressing outer circumstances.

This misleading feedback loop we call the Vicious Mirror Cycle is how a human being unknowingly forfeits his right to choose - by remaining unaware of the nature of reality. He simply gives up the incredible power that is already in his hands to sculpt and change reality to something more to his liking, due to an ignorance that conceals the fact he is interacting with a mirror. Most people just can’t allow themselves to believe that the goal is on its way if they don’t see any changes in their physical world right away. (That is when they call the whole reality-creation idea bogus). But that persistence what it means to go the extra mile when working with the reality mirror to shape your reality. Going the extra mile with persistence is exactly how you get it going your way!

The nature of reality mirror is only confusing to people because they expect it to work instantaneously, like an ordinary mirror. They think and feel towards a positive state of being, but then they do not sustain it long enough for the 3D matter to organize itself perfectly according to their inner frequency. Because they let this new vision go too soon and since the reality mirror can only reflect what is emitted with consistency, then their reality returns to the same old, same old, just as their inner world returned to the same old, same old. Thus, in order to get rid of the inferiority complexes you carry, you simply have to get used to working with the delay.

This phenomenon is the only reason why it seems like high levels are of success are reserved for a select few. In reality, every soul has sectors where they can experience higher levels of success. It’s just that very few people have the patience and perseverance required to sustain a positive emotion of frequency for long periods of time with no physical reward at the outset. We are living in a world with a plethora of spiritual information on techniques and principles, but the people who will benefit from this information are the individuals who turn it into applied wisdom.

You can be one of those people! By learning these Transurfing techniques, you will be able to progressively coach yourself out of any inferiority complex you've found yourself in and replace it with a higher vibrational understanding of your true souls light & expression. You will be able to do this because you won’t be tricked by the negative feedback from the world, and you no longer assign personal meaning to what had previously been giving you grief. Next, those patterns will fall out of your reality completely.

This isn’t as hard to do as it may seem. Once again, the root of the inferiority complex is actually just confusion about the nature of how your outer world is formed.

If you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t seem to yield to your efforts, you don’t have anything to lose by responding positively. In fact, even if it seems to go against common sense, you have the power within you to be happy about the fact that you were in such a challenging situation. You could come up with any number of reasons for why it’s beneficial that you’re going through a challenging situation, but the effect will be the same. You will end up attuned to a sector of reality where everything is for your benefit.

We are not talking about toxic positivity, where we force ourselves to feel positively about situation that we actually hate. This is simply stating a fact to ourselves that the situation is challenging, but it is happening for our benefit, whether the conscious mind can see it or not. For example, we may be running late to a very important client meeting, but instead of kicking ourselves for being so unprofessional and risking losing a sale, we decide to remind ourselves that this situation is happening for our benefit even though we can't see how.

As we do this, we calmly inform the client we are running behind, and we discover a seventeen car pile-up on the highway we usually take into the city, which had just happened 15 minutes before. We discover in that moment that our lateness was protecting our property and our very life!

There is no way we can always know how the universe is protecting us, but if we consciously choose to become aware that everything is happening for our benefit, the world around us will become much less antagonistic than it seemed before. This is because your reality mirror will begin to reflect back to you the sustained attitude you now hold that everything is happening for your benefit. It has become your new relative truth you have commanded the mirror to unfold in your layer of reality.

Now, try a more difficult exercise: think about all of the "proof" you see for your inferiority complex out in the world. Pick whatever area of life you feel is not working as well as you would like. Perhaps it is a series of business flops, relationship failures, or excessive spending or drinking. Now question whether these things are really proof of your "inferiority" compared to others in this area - how did all of these failures come about?

Contrary to what the mind tells you, these failures are not the cause of your inner inferiority complex, but they are rather the effect of it. You perceive the outer failures as triggering a state of low self esteem and depression, but in fact that inner state of failure was present before the events, and it was the inward reality that triggered the unfoldment of the outer! It created a relative truth from what you were emitting into your reality mirror, before you even became aware of what you were holding inside of you. We are so conditioned to only pay attention to the mirror's reflection that our physical eyes perceive, that we lose our ability to consciously change the original image - which is the inward unity of our soul and mind about any subject.

This means you are not "inferior" in any absolute sense of the word - you simply created a reflection of what you told the mirror to be true. It would be more precise to say that the soul and the mind agreed that you are not good enough in this area, and the mirror agreed with you. There is nothing "factual" about it, because it can be changed once the soul and mind agree on something else! For example, if you make a big deal about the smaller wins that happen to you, then this consistent, sustained momentum will "snowball" you right into the Miraculous Mirror Cycle in that area of life. The Miraculous Mirror Cycle seems so elusive only because people do not bother to sustain the positive frequency for long enough. They allow negative happenings in their current reality to make them lose heart.

If you take anything from this blog post, let it be the value of refusing to lose heart. Once you test this out for yourself, the mind will no longer be able to doubt the power of taking control of your inner state, despite what is going on in your outer world. As long as you practice consistently, you will see how the world shifts and changes according to your vibrational state, which was some thing you didn’t notice before you learned that reality behaves like a mirror.

There is another skill-set you can develop for a smoother journey to the fulfillment of your soul, and that is the ability to keep from creating excess potentials. Excess potentials will cause the formation of obstacles on your path, and these can be either dissolved or eliminated entirely with enough awareness and practice.

If you would like to practice how to systematically eliminate the obstacles you created while you were tuned into the absence of your soul's goals - whether because you swallowed a pendulum's bait that you aren't deserving of higher levels of success or because you created too many excess potentials that blocked the way forward - you can complete the exercises in our short digital guide: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul. It will allow you to identify the energy basis of each obstacle in your life, and then teach you to trust the flow of variations at such a deep level that you are constantly aligned with the power of external intention: the divine intelligence which fast-tracks you to your goals.

Do not be satisfied with other people's definitions of success - keep climbing toward higher levels of bliss, by listening ever more deeply into your soul's whispers concerning what she has in her heart for this incarnation. In order to keep your mind from interfering, you need to practice these Transurfing principles over and over again until they become second nature.

Enjoy the process!


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