How to Identify Pendulums and Stop Giving Away Your Life Energy

How to Identify Pendulums and Stop Giving Away Your Life Energy

Readers may already be familiar with the reality mirror phenomenon, which is helpful in understanding reality's dual-sided nature: metaphysical & physical. In a previous blog post, we discussed how the reality mirror works with a delay - that is, once the emotion and though forms come together inside of us, it takes a while before we will see the results in our outer physical world. If we inwardly think and feel as though our goal is being delivered, the reality mirror will dispassionately agree and simply reflect back to us "Ah yes, your goal is on its way." As long as we are aware of the necessity for a certain amount of patience, we can continue to emit the positive thoughts and emotions, fully trusting that the outer scenario is headed toward us. However, what most people do is become frustrated, desperate, irritated or hopeless when they do not see any physical proof after some time has passed.

The energy field is the basis of what we perceive as reality. It is what all physical things arise out of, and physical manifestations are secondary to it. All physical things within consciousness have an energy basis. Therefore, if a steady stream of obstacles has arrived in your life, then this too has an identifiable energy basis. But can you actually pinpoint exactly where it came from? Can you name the specific root of any obstacle? If you study Transurfing principles and you learn how to work with the reality mirror in more precise ways, you would be able to pinpoint exactly where you created an excess potential, which means that from this point forward you have the ability to choose a different manifested sector of reality (without those obstacles), simply with a change in your inner attitude.

The reason people have been conditioned to be so distrusting of the flow of life is because they think that if they desire something fiercely & then raise its importance to astronomical levels, they will receive that which they desire. But what actually happens is that they receive only steady stream of obstacles and/or delays. On the vibrational level, raising importance can only tune people into the absence of their goal. Importance will never help people tune into the specific frequency where the goal has come to fruition, because on the level where they already have the goal, the goal itself has now become more "ordinary."

If the goal is way too important to the point that nothing else matters, people will inwardly conclude "My goal isn't coming after all!" if they only use their physical eyes as the way to measure progress. At that point, the reality mirror will dispassionately agree with them and say "Ah yes, your goal isn't coming after all." It is at this moment when we typically enter a downward spiral of negativity: the more we react negatively to the perceived absence of the goal, the more the outer environment continues to become viciously against its achievement, as if in spite.

But it isn't spite at all - it's only a reflection. The confusion arises when that reflection isn't instantaneous, like it would be in an ordinary mirror. In our short digital guide: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul, we have split up the two mirror feedback cycles and given them shorthand to make them easier to remember. We refer to them as the Vicious Mirror Cycle, and the Miraculous Mirror Cycle. If you train yourself to catch this false feedback loop in the middle of a Vicious Mirror Cycle when everything seems to be going wrong, you can actually make an entrance into the Miraculous Mirror Cycle, by remembering that no matter what event is currently unfolding, you can choose to react positively. This takes a certain amount of re-training for the mind, because our society has conditioned us to react negatively to negative events, which has deleterious (and delayed) consequences for what will show up in our personal layer of reality. The way we react inwardly to the event will dictate what is reflected back to us as a future choice, whether we like it or not.

If we understand how the reality mirror works, we can learn strategies to keep ourselves far away from the false feedback loop of the Vicious Mirror Cycle. It's called a false loop because if we only rely on what our physical eyes see at any one moment in time, we never come close to perceiving the infinite number of reality sectors that could manifest from the space of variations. The secret of exercising our ability to choose depends heavily on being able to stay out from under the influence of pendulums - collective thought forms that create societal structures - which are only interested in harvesting our negative energy to strengthen their own existence. The risks of pendulums can be dealt with in a couple of ways, which will be discussed in a moment, but let's first try to articulate the precise entryway to the Miraculous Mirror Cycle, so that we can start to feel our way there.

The Miraculous Mirror Cycle only comes about when you stop chasing the reflection in the mirror and choose to forget about it, focusing only on your desired goal being fulfilled. This requires patience, but it also requires a skill that few possess: reacting positively no matter what - especially when negative events happen, or when it seems non-sensical to do so. Once you get really, really good at this, you will not only find the smoothest path to your goals, but the insidious energy pendulums that want to harvest people's negative energy emissions will leave you alone.

So what are pendulums, and why do they pose risks to an individual's ability to choose his own destiny according to his own wishes?

When multiple people begin thinking and feeling along a similar direction, a pendulum is what results from their collective unified thought forms. This pendulum forms its own energy structure - separate from the individuals that created it - and then it enforces rules, laws, customs, and traditions that its adherents must follow. Examples of pendulums would be: corporations, religious organizations, special interest groups, family units, sports teams, exclusive clubs, nationalists, organized crime groups, non-profit groups etc. These pendulums all have different beliefs and rules, of course, but the distinguishing feature of a pendulum is a kind of "us vs. them" mentality, where it is either overtly or covertly declaring war on other pendulums, whom it views as different from its own members. In extreme cases, other pendulums may be viewed as enemies and competitors, and in milder forms, outsiders are seen as people who don't "get it," (e.g. they aren't "living right" in some way). If you pick up on a pattern of deliberate division instead of a choice toward the unification of humanity, you've got the idea of how pendulums operate!

Of course, the demonization of anyone who isn't part of the group makes it much easier for the pendulum to keep its adherents under control. The pendulum rules must be obeyed by all members or they risk a slap on the wrist, social exile, or worse. The pendulum mantra is: "Do as I do!" because the pendulums are trying to get everyone to follow an imaginary, one-size-fits-all model of success. This is why they have so successfully peddled the myth that success is only for a select few, and that it is quite hard to achieve. In doing this, they keep people frustrated, depressed, and anxious - all while harvesting more and more negative energy from their adherents who believe they "just aren't working hard enough." If you believe that heaps of problems and struggles are necessary on the way to the goal, you have swallowed these myths hook, line and sinker. The negative thoughts and feelings that are generated by human failures are not what creates a pendulum, but they are the only things that keep pendulums alive, so pendulums will actively promote conflict in covert ways.

The insidious risk of pendulums is that people give up the ability to tune into their unique soul's success sector, and instead, they give all their available life energy to supporting the pendulum. Though pendulums do not have conscious intent like humans do, they do everything they can to increase conflict energy between humans, because the pendulum will gain strength from doing so. Whether you are for or against a pendulum, if you are giving it your focus of attention, you are strengthening it. If you are not aware of how this happens, then it will happen to you unwittingly and without your conscious consent.

In fact, the most insidious way we give pendulums energy is by fighting them. It is hard to remember that even if we are against a pendulum, we are still giving mental and emotional energy toward the pendulum itself. This is actually why fighting against something we want to avoid with all our might has the same effect as fighting to include it in our life. The effect of actively fighting against what we want to avoid is that it will stick to us like glue. The pendulum does not care from which side we push it - whether we are for or against its aims - it just cares that we give it our energy and make it swing higher!

When you radiate dissatisfaction, outrage, anger and irritation, some of that energy is harvested by the pendulum to strengthen it - and some of that energy is used to transfer you to the life track that contains events which will trigger more dissatisfaction, outrage, anger and irritation. This is because the soul and mind temporarily formed perfect unity over these inner states - and whatever they agree on is what will be reflected back to you in your physical world.

So what can be done, should one intend to stay relatively free of the influence of a pendulum and tune into one of their soul's success sectors instead?

You need to practice identifying pendulums and not giving them your energy. One person cannot fight a pendulum and win, but there are two ways of dealing with them:

The first method is to allow the pendulum to fall through into empty space. You do this by simply stepping aside, instead of defending yourself or creating some kind of boundary that is against the pendulum. Any steps you take against the pendulum out of fear, annoyance, anger, desire to escape, etc. have their basis in negative energy - which you are then feeding to this pendulum directly by actively fighting it.

Let's take an extreme example: if you find yourself inside of a fundamentalist religious cult with questionable practices you don't want to be associated with, how well do you think it would go over if you just walked up to the leaders and gave them a piece of your mind? As a less extreme example, how well do you think it would work if you tried the same thing on the owner of an older corporation who doesn't trust digital formats of any document, and wants you to create and file three separate copies of each client's documentation? He wants everything documented on paper out of familiarity and emotional comfort - you aren't going to suddenly make him agreeable by trying to take this away from him with an argument.

Since the pendulum's adherents are going to be very steeped into the dogma of the pendulum's rules, if you take the approach of fighting the pendulum directly, you will most certainly lose. You may even be made an "example" of in ways that you were not anticipating. Instead, what you could do is agree to the pendulum's demands are on the surface, and this will soften its first wave of energy. Inwardly, your intent is to get the pendulum to leave you alone, but you cannot make it leave you alone with a demand. So, you tell your boss you'd be happy to make all of the physical copies he wants, and you begin to discuss the details of the project with him. You ask if there are any deadlines, where the files should go, and how many working hours you should dedicate per week to the project.

This all feels asinine to you of course, but you remember that you are doing it for the sake of not resisting - you don't want to put up a fight because it benefits you to have the pendulum's first swings of energy exhaust themselves without being strengthened by your negative energy. Your boss is pleased and will get back with you tomorrow after he finalizes the rest of the project details. When tomorrow comes, there is an email in your inbox in the afternoon - the owner had spoken with his wife in the evening, who had suggested he contract the services of a digital documentation service with backup servers. The entire responsibility of the project is no longer on your shoulders, and you no longer have to do pointless job! This is what happens when you refrain from outright fighting pendulums - their energy has nothing to hook onto inside of you, so they have no other choice but to leave you in peace.

In essence, emotional indifference, acceptance and neutrality are effective paths to take when you need to make an escape. These attitudes will ensure the pendulum leaves you alone. There is another method for particularly terrible situations, where an attitude of indifference isn't going to help you. If the pendulum is particularly troublesome & you find yourself in an intolerable scenario, humor and lightheartedness also help, especially when they don't seem like "appropriate" responses. Remember how we said that it is very useful to develop the skill to react nonsensically when something negative happens, because it keeps us out of the Vicious Reality Cycle? This is the energy basis behind why that works. Pendulums only care about your negative energy, and if you force the pendulum into a situation where all you emit is ridiculously positive energy, they can't touch you at all.

When all else fails and a pendulum is actively pursuing you - flip the script on the pendulum. Force the pendulum to play your game - give it a dramatic flair, and make it ridiculous. You may think this sounds impossible, but in truth, a pendulum is powerless to prevent you from stepping out of line of the game as long as you do it with a smile (e.g. in a non-resistant, non-defensive way). Be empty of the pendulum. Behave as though it isn't bothering you, and in fact, you have a fun trick or two or three you'd like to show it. Say to the pendulum, "All right! If you insist!" And then turn the tables on it, by acting in a way that nobody would expect! Sell it your positivity schtick and see how long it sticks around.

If you are normally a person who is very quiet, introverted and keeps to themselves, speak up and express yourself in an out of character manner, but do it in a way that's satisfying to YOU - that's how you make the pendulum play your game! This alternative method is called extinguishing the pendulum, because it's kind of like putting a wet blanket on the pendulum's plans (to harvest negative energy). It may be scary initially, but the pendulum cannot take your energy if you refuse to put up a fight - just don't forget to smile while you do it! This is because you will be giving it nothing to fight against - you are inwardly empty of the problem. It can only harm you through eliciting a negative response in you, which will then be carried forward in your reality. If you allow that to happen, only the pendulum benefits.

I teach through a Transurfing lens because it's crucial to know how to dissolve obstacles on the way to your soul's goals for this incarnation. Although Transurfing principles give you a great advantage of advanced awareness, knowledge alone is still not sufficient. Practice is required. You need to develop the internal strength to be able to trust the flow of variations when it takes you places that you didn’t plan for - and for this, we need unique strategies to keep importance low and stop creating excessive potentials. When you align with external intention, the divine intelligence will transport you along the fast track to your goals, and this will involve some unfamiliar twists and turns that could make you panic if you didn’t cultivate the ability to trust. 

If you feel called to dive more deeply into these strategies, you can check out The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul for more in-depth, practical ways to apply what you've learned in every day life. The mind will distrust any event that isn’t part of its own plan - but you need to apply the principles of Transurfing and practice trusting the flow. The world needs the gifts that your soul has stored within, and you can be certain the path is there - you just need to practice tuning into it!

Enjoy the process!


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