How Do You Find Your Soul's Unique Success Sectors?

How Do You Find Your Soul's Unique Success Sectors?

Have you been following somebody else’s model of success, or defining how successful your life is based on somebody else’s ideals? Neither of these things will lead you to your soul’s unique success sectors, because your soul isn’t the same as anyone else’s. In order to be transported to the sector of reality where your soul can experience true fulfillment, we first need to establish that they do, in fact exist as potentials in the space of variations. To do that, we need to undo some of your negative societal conditioning. It’s necessary to put the false stereotype that high levels of success are only reserved for the “elite” to rest, for good.

We have been so conditioned to believe that increased control over reality will come from uncovering some kind of “objective” recipe or formula we need to follow in order to find success. With everyone selling courses, industry secrets, or coaching packages that encourage you to follow an arbitrary model of success that seems to keep changing with the times, it’s hard not to become jaded when someone else’s model doesn’t yield the same results for you.

The reason is simple: instead of trying to “crack the code” to success using an outside model of somebody else’s metrics, we actually need to adjust to the idea that the nature of reality is to behave like a mirror, but with a delay. The side of the mirror that you have control over (the input side) is metaphysical, and the other (the output side) is the physical manifestations that the world reflects back to you. It is not your job to concern yourself with the physical means by which you will be transported to your soul's success sector - rather, it is your responsibility to focus on how you would feel to live the life where your goal is realized. The emission of that feeling is actually the fastest means to your goal, because it calls forth the physical manifestation of what you are vibrationally emitting.

Once you get a handle on the idea that you have control over what gets reflected back to you physically if you control what you emit on the vibrational level, you can start shaping that original metaphysical image in the mirror. Here is where the balancing act comes in: you do this via the unity of your soul and mind. If your soul and mind disagree and there is discord about the goal, you don't get transported where you wanted to go.

For example, if both our soul and mind agree on a state of fear, then you get transported to the fear. That physical fearful situation will come to pass, quickly and without a hitch. It is the same with our goals coming to fruition, but these don’t seem as easily accomplished as our fears, only because of the mind’s tendency to doubt the goal. It basically refuses to agree with the soul that the goal will be possible if it cannot initially imagine the physical means, and that is why a fear would come to pass so much more easily than a goal (until you master this process, of course)! Let’s look at a specific example.

Imagine a person who, after many struggles and uphill battles, is still not making money in their online business. Instead of focusing on the internal feeling of what they will feel once their goal is already realized, the only thing that they focus on is the reflection of their current physical reality. In other words, they are vibrationally tuned in to the absence of the goal - the fact that their goal isn’t here yet.

Everywhere they look, other people have successfully managed to become online entrepreneurs, which only further increases a feeling of inner dissatisfaction and provokes a growing inner bitterness. They inwardly wonder whether it is simply not their lot in this lifetime to be successful in business. It seems they have tried everything, and they could go on and on for days about how much money has gone down the drain on unsuccessful ventures, how many different ideas didn’t pan out and how painful it was to realize that all of that effort was for nothing.

The truth is, this person is saying that they want a successful business, but the focus on the absence of the goal (thoughts of lack, feelings of bitterness, paying attention to loss) is what is shaping the feedback loop they are getting from the reality mirror. In our short digital guide The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul, we call this type of focus an entrance to the Vicious Mirror Cycle - because it creates a reality feedback loop which is focused on lack, loss and scarcity. It creates more and more relative truths surrounding scarcity, and if the individual fails to realize they are simply a reflection, they would be stuck in the Vicious Mirror Cycle indefinitely.

The people that do end up successful are those who actively seek out a way to stay focused on a feeling of inner satisfaction and fulfillment, even if everything is supposedly going “wrong”. They do this by ignoring what the current reflection is, and evoking an inner feeling on their own - independent of outer circumstances - which corresponds to how they would feel when the goal has come to fruition. By doing this, they will be able to start confirming those tiny little positive signs that happen when you shift from an inner sense of lack to an inner sense of satisfaction. If you decide to make a big, big deal about every instance of satisfaction - just basking in that gratitude over the tiniest thing - then that positive momentum will be the doorway into an entirely different feedback loop from the reality mirror: the Miraculous Mirror Cycle.

It is possible for everyone to be living in the Miraculous Mirror Cycle for the majority of their lives, but people are so invested in searching for an objective model of reality to follow, that they don't understand that all of manifestation is simply a reflection of their inner state. What people usually decide to do is make a big, big deal about the negative things that happen to them in life, out of a desire to fix and to grasp for control. What kind of reflection would that produce? Can you guess which cycle those people spend most of their time in?

Since we alone are in charge of the image that we emit toward the reality mirror, it is this knowledge which actually puts us in control of which mirror cycle we stay in! The reason it can appear to be tricky to manage is that people tend to believe it is an outer event that causes their emotions, instead of realizing that the emotional attitude they are sending toward the mirror is what creates the entryway for one of the two mirror cycles. They just have the causal relationship backwards!

Because the world will simply reflect back to us whatever qualities we project onto it, that gives us a more powerful ability to choose than most society would have us believe. In fact, the space of variations contains an infinite amount of reality sectors that could come true, should we align our thoughts and feelings with that specific sector. An awareness of these infinite potentials is helpful when re-orienting ourselves to thinking about our inner state before looking to the outside world for proof of anything.

When we come from a place of inner knowingness that our goal has already been successfully realized, we tune into that sector of reality, and then it physically unfolds automatically because we are aligned with external intention. External intention is a powerful force that arises when our soul and mind are in unity about the realization of our goal. Using internal intention to try to struggle and force our way there would only keep us tuned into the sector of reality where the goal is absent. Check out this blog post for more details on the power of aligning yourself with external intention and allowing infinite intelligence to fast-track you to your goal.

If you imagine an infinite number of life tracks, all with different qualities, feeling tones, decorations, actors and their corresponding narratives, you can look at where you are currently and reverse engineer your past attitudes that you emitted to figure out how you got to where you are now. If you consistently emitted a frequency of gratitude for your life, you would have been transferred to a more favorable life track, no matter whether a positive or a negative event happened in your outer world. If you instead allowed negative events to change your inner state for the worse and consistently emitted a resentful and bitter attitude toward the world, you would have ended up on a more unfavorable life track when the event unfolded. The event becomes a “fork in the road,” not in and of itself, but because of how we shape our inward attitude toward it.

Trying to talk yourself into believing that you can have the levels of success you see celebrities and musicians enjoying might be challenging. It frequently happens that your mind will doubt what your soul wants to have, because you have been conditioned by a celebrity-worshipping culture to accept the “fact” (read: relative truth) that certain people are allowed more of the best that life has to offer, on the premise that they are somehow more worthy because of their “talent,” or their “looks” or their “business savvy.”

The actual driving force behind the propagation of this myth are pendulums: invisible energy structures that form when two or more people are thinking in the same direction. What happens is that an energy structure forms which is separate from the original individuals that produced these thoughts, which then takes on a life of its own and forces members to adhere to its ideas, principles or customs, normally without the chance to think it through for themselves. As the pendulum gains more and more adherents, whatever ideas it propagates become trendy and then normalized. The most obvious example of a pendulum is the mainstream media, which loves to peddle the myth that celebrities are more deserving than "ordinary" people of high levels of success. They are incentivized for peddling this myth because it gets them lots of clicks, views, and advertisements, which in turn brings in more adherents to the media's narratives.

As the narrative gains more momentum, less people will begin to question what is happening because we become desensitized to the new behavior - we think we do something out of choice, but often we think a certain way or like a certain thing because just seems like “everybody’s doing it.” If everybody believes that success is reserved for a select few, it's probably true..... says the mainstream media.

In another blog post, we discussed how pendulums harvest negative energy from humans in order to strengthen their energy structures and to survive. Sometimes, the pendulum will disguise itself behind altruistic motives like “helping” others, like when the media puts out articles saying: "This 19 year old became a millionaire by doing X.... " "See how difficult it is to achieve these levels of success? You can only have it if you do exactly what this person did!" the media tells us.

There are many different types of pendulums besides the media, such as religious groups, who forcibly convince their adherents to a certain way in the “name of God,” which has justified quite a few religious wars and atrocities throughout history. God doesn't need religious wars. Pendulums do. Pendulums on both sides of any conflict harvest a lot of negative energy from the kind of “us” vs. “them” (“good guys” vs. “bad guys”) mentality that war is based upon. It doesn't matter which area of life this takes place in - any time you see humanity divided instead of united, it's due to a pendulum's influence.

While perhaps not so extreme as religious wars, the myth that success is reserved for a select few is just as insidious. It causes people to become depressed, to feel deprived, to feel inferior to those that have high levels of success, to feel jealousy or envy, to be irritated that they have not found a way to their own worldly success, or to feel as if they just do not have any talent or inner gifts that are even worth talking about. This false stereotype generates so much negativity to support all sorts of pendulums - just look at all of the products out there that cater to people’s insecurities and divide us into the "haves" and the "have-nots."

The false stereotype that success is reserved for a select few is propagated by these insecurities: you only deserve high levels of success if you are perfect, or at the very least, minimally flawed. But the stereotype is proven false if you look more closely at the love lives, temperaments and family histories of any given celebrity- you find some of these areas are quite “flawed” (even tragically so) according to society’s metrics, and yet - here is this individual who achieved success despite all of their flaws. Here the myth becomes exposed for what it is: a lie. The real reason that celebrities "achieve" high levels of success is simply because they had the audacity to allow themselves to tune into the sector of the space of variations where their own unique souls sector was realized. Anyone can do this, and those who are willing to consistently focus their attention on how it would feel to have this level of success will eventually realize it in their life. It can be no other way. It's just that most people think of it once, and then it never enters their doubting mind again.

Remember, the space of variations is infinite. Since it contains an infinite set of possibilities, then it would includes scenarios that correspond to high levels of success for your unique soul. At the same time, life tracks where you don’t live out your soul’s fulfillment would also exist as potential reality sectors. Which sectors of reality that come to fruition will always be the ones that you choose to tune into via your emotional and thought energy. So, if you believe that you cannot have these high levels of success, you are consistently tuned into the life tracks where you don’t live out the fulfillment of your soul. You are, in that moment, lost to your soul's success.

See how tricky and insidious the pendulums myth can be? The pendulums want you to feel down and out because it appears that other people get to experience higher levels of success than you (whether that is career, artistry, family, love, or anything else). Be careful with this idea - it is not that these levels of success do not exist for you or even that you can’t seem to figure out how to get there - this would be a mistaken understanding. It is just that you are tuned into a sector of reality where that success has not taken physical form. On this life track, you are not able of experience its unfoldment while you are tuned to the belief that you cannot have it, whatever your justification of your self-denial may be.

So, returning to the original question in the title of this post: Where is your soul's unique success sector? It exists where you are tuned into its existence, because it is simply a reflection.

If you would like to practice how to systematically eliminate the obstacles you created while you were tuned into the absence of your soul's goals - whether because you swallowed a pendulum's bait or because you created too many excess potentials that blocked the way forward - you can complete the exercises in our short digital guide The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul. It will allow you to identify the energy basis of each obstacle in your life, and then teach you to trust the flow of variations at such a deep level that you are constantly aligned with the power of external intention: the divine intelligence which fast-tracks you to your goals.

Do not be satisfied with other people's definitions of success - keep climbing toward higher levels of bliss, by listening ever more deeply into your soul's whispers concerning what she has in her heart for this incarnation. In order to keep your mind from interfering, you need to practice these Transurfing principles over and over again until they become second nature.

Enjoy the process!


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