What is Reality Transurfing?

What is Reality Transurfing?

Reality Transurfing is the art of tuning into a different sector of reality out of the infinite number contained within the space of variations. Each of us creates our own personal layer of reality, made up of relative truths that our soul and our mind agree are true for our layer of the world. These form the metaphysical images - our inner reality - which are then reflected back as the 3D circumstances, scripts and decorations of our outer reality. The space of variations refers to the metaphysical side of the reality mirror, out of which all physical thing arise.

This Astrological Transurfing blog helps re-orient you to exercising your ability to continuously choose those sectors which continuously fulfill your unique soul, without creating any obstacles along your path. Yes, it is possible to choose this way systematically, once you are aware of certain pitfalls that leave your mind and soul out of sync with one another. Astrology, of course, is the window to the soul - it is the map of the soul's nuances, proclivities, likes, dislikes, past impressions, and so on. This symbolic language is an efficient way for her to transmit her feeling messages to the conscious mind, but that's for another blog post.... let's get back to Transurfing!

In our recent blog post "Two Common Mistakes People Make with the Visualization Process," we cover some of the reasons why individuals can get mixed results with attempts at creating their own reality. The astounding effectiveness of Reality Transurfing is due to the wisdom in giving up all attempts to edit the current track, and placing all our focus on choosing a new sector of reality where those old, stubborn obstacles no longer exist.

Most people are familiar with the concept of living in a vibrational universe where our thoughts & emotions are energy which then become the physical things around us. They know that if they want a new experience or a new material object to show up in their life, they have to tune in to the thoughts and emotions associated with the presence of that subject. What many people don't think about is that the problems & obstacles in our life work in the exact same manner - they have an identifiable energy basis which could be systematically eliminated if we knew how.

If you have been following the blog for a while, you know that obstacle elimination can happen in two ways: 1) via internal intention - the personal will - which is limited to the physical plane or 2) via external intention - alignment with infinite intelligence - which encompasses all possible solutions to any problem.

When our mind and soul agree on a subject in perfect unity, that is when we are said to be aligned with external intention - the powerful force of infinite intelligence - which carries us smoothly and effortlessly to our highest goals. (By the way, the same thing can happen if our soul and mind are in agreement over a fear - but right now, we want to aim for unity over our highest goals).

The way that external intention eliminates obstacles is quite different from the way internal intention handles problematic situations. Internal intention assumes that you must gather all your physical strength, huff and puff, and overcome whatever obstacle you face by taking "massive action" or fighting the situation with the best strategy your mind can come up with. External intention does not concern itself with overcoming anything - it takes the path of least resistance and simply chooses a different sector of reality where those obstacles no longer exist.

If we can simply choose a better situation and know that it will reliably unfold with the assistance of infinite intelligence, then why do we need to spend excessive amounts of our time, money, and energy resources to fight with current problems? This is exactly why Reality Transurfing can totally transform one's approach to finding the ease in life, or the "middle way," as it's called in many eastern philosophies. Once we practice and apply Transurfing principles, we could instead spend these precious resources on enjoying & enhancing our life experiences & relationships.

The following is an index of the follow-along posts for learning these principles on the Astrological Transurfing blog. Sometimes, the mind will have trouble making sense of one of the principles, because the negative social conditioning that has been imposed on it by the world led it to believe that certain levels of success are unachievable for 'ordinary' people. These blog posts will help remedy the deleterious effects of this detrimental conditioning as well.

Since they all relate to one another conceptually, it doesn't really matter if you read them in a specific linear order, but it could be wise to begin by busting through the myth that higher levels of success are something that can only be experienced by a select few 'special' people. Once you realize your soul's unique success sectors do exist and that they are accessible to you, the thought of arriving at their full realization can be very inspiring, uplifting & motivating. These myths are peddled by non-conscious entities called pendulums, which survive by harvesting negative energy from humans. Therefore, they are incentivized to keep people stuck in a limited consciousness where they don't believe they can access the higher levels of success very easily. To deconstruct this pervasive myth, start here:

How to Identify Pendulums and Stop Giving Away Your Life Energy

Next, if one intended to live in alignment with external intention all of the time, this would theoretically allow you a perfectly smooth path to your soul's true goals, provided you have clarity about what those are. It's easy to see, however, that many people have no idea that something called external intention is available to them, much less how to align themselves with it. To understand the benefits of giving up trying to use the inefficient method of internal intention, start here:

Efficient Goal Achievement: The Difference Between Internal & External Intention

If you want to understand how people fall out of alignment with external intention, you need to observe what happens between the soul & mind when there is no initial positive feedback visible in the physical world. Watch how people fall out of sync with that initial hopeful feeling - that joyful unity between soul and mind they had when they first set out toward a new exciting goal, but then they don't see any results right away.

Once they lose this unity between soul and mind over the presence of their new goal, they cannot sustain the original vibrational image that they were reflecting toward the reality mirror. First, they were tuned into the presence of the goal, and then they were tuned into its absence after they lost heart! The most unfortunate part is that the goal was about to be reflected back to them, but when people do not understand that the nature of reality is like a mirror that functions with a delay, they lose heart just before things change for the better in their physical world. They might not have exercised their power to choose correctly, but you can if you are aware of how to work with the mirror's delay. To learn more, start here:

How to Exercise Your Power to Choose a Difference Sector of Reality in the Space of Variations

There is another helpful blog post that teaches you how to work with the reality mirror in order to create an original image for a new experience you'd like to have. If you lose heart when you don't see any progress or if you react negatively to an obstacle, the original image is now distorted, and you would then enter the Vicious Mirror Cycle, where all the feedback you receive reflects your negative inner state. On the other hand, if you have awareness that the reality mirror works with a delay, you can remain disciplined and hold that original positive unity between soul and mind despite outer circumstances. With this method, if you are not deceived by the delay and your inner state remains unchanged. Now, the universe has no choice but to unfold the goal before you, and you enter the Miraculous Mirror Cycle due to your disciplined focus, where everything reflects your joyful inner state. If you want to capitalize on principle so you can reach your goals more smoothly, start here:

Let the Goal Realize Itself: Get Rid of the Root of Suffering

If the goal is to stay within the Miraculous Mirror cycle all of the time, you'll want to avoid creating excess potentials, which are the energy basis of all obstacles that have manifested in physical form. There are many types of excess potentials, but this blog post outlines one of the most insidious examples, referred to as elevated importance. To learn how to keep your path clear of the associated obstacles it can bring about, start here:

What are Excess Potentials, and How do They Slow Down Goal Achievement?

When you're ready to put it all together and shed the one-size-fits-all model of success in favor of letting the soul feel her way to your unique success sectors, you can check out our interactive digital guide: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul. It's specifically designed to get you aligned with external intention more consistently.
While the natal chart can illuminate the soul's true goals, it is the Transurfing principles which can help you choose that corresponding sector of reality. All of our students deserve to reach their soul's true fulfillment in this incarnation!

The guide allows you to identify see exactly where your negative conditioning has tricked you into creating excess potentials and blocking your own success. It will show you exactly how to tune into your soul's unique success sector inside of the space of variations and stay there, encouraging you not to lose heart and instead to allow your soul & mind to achieve unity on dreams that are even more fulfilling than you could have dared imagine before you read the book.

Enjoy the process!


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