How to Leverage Your Natural Gifts with the Trine & Sextile

How to Leverage Your Natural Gifts with the Trine & Sextile

We only possess the power of an insight when we give it expression.
- Caroline W. Casey

The blue lines in the natal chart - trines (120 degrees) and sextiles (60 degrees) - are representative of easy flowing energies. In figure 1, we have a configuration called a grand trine, which is three separate trines (A & B, B & C, plus C & A) all connected to one another.

Figure 1.
ic: Astrological Grand Trine Configuration

The harmonization of the planets involved lends itself to a favorable connotation of soft aspects. After all, anything positive that comes easily to you would be to your benefit, right?

The problem with something that always comes easily - and with success in general - is that it’s a lousy teacher! It seduces you into thinking that you could stop where you are and be fulfilled - that there is no more fulfillment to be had because you’re doing pretty well or you’ve already reached the summit.

Figure 2.
ic: Sextile, Trine, & Double T-Square Configuration

In Figure 2, there is still a trine between points A & C just like in Figure 1, but now we see a sextile between points B & C. The red lines - referred to as hard aspects - are out of the scope of this discussion, but you can read about them in our post on Mastering the Hard Aspect

When Person A interprets any kind of soft aspect in Person B’s natal chart, the natural talents inside the latter individual become quite obvious. From Person B’s vantage point, however, the common reaction is, “Well, can’t everybody do that?”
Person A might laugh and say “No; I would have to work endlessly to develop that kind of ability which comes so naturally to you,” but for Person B, it’s a fish-in-water kind of experience - often, they haven’t really given much thought to those particular abilities because they come so naturally.

Trines in particular are reflective of circumstances & gifts that just seem to "land in our lap," and while the sextile may require a bit more "tilling of the soil," so to speak, its gifts still manifest quite naturally and with a lot of ease.

Of course, the risk of under-appreciation for things that come naturally is that we fail to fully develop something precious which has been made available - ready and waiting - for its embodiment in our unique expression. Unlike the hard aspects, there isn’t any friction in soft aspects to light the fire, and this is exactly why there is a tendency to take them for granted.

But what would happen if we actively chose to bring greater awareness to them - to understand the two conversing planets involved, just for the joy of it? When we do this, we’re choosing to feed them, and the beauty of awareness is that it feels like spiritual nourishment. That’s exactly what awareness is - a path to wholeness.

Once you appreciate this aspect about yourself as deeply as you can, you are opening up the floodgates for higher and higher versions of these energies to channel themselves through you. This is because there is no separation between matter and Spirit - something I believe all aspects in astrology are designed to directly reflect.

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Enjoy the process!


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