Climbing to Your Bliss: Shedding the One-Size-Fits-All Model of Success

Climbing to Your Bliss: Shedding the One-Size-Fits-All Model of Success

Have you ever seen a flower growing out of the concrete? If you have, you probably thought its resilience was striking, and that its inherent ability to survive was nothing short of amazing. Of course, this isn't a common occurrence for very many flowers, because it's far from the ideal growing conditions. What should we do if we want the flower to really flourish?

Most people would answer that it would be a better idea to change the environmental conditions of the flower: re-plant it in better soil, get it on a watering schedule if it's indoors, and create a plan to deliver fertilizer as necessary.

Why is it so clear to us that the flower needs better environmental conditions in order to flourish, but when it comes to human beings that are struggling, society will tell them "You weren't prepared enough," "You didn't follow the right success recipe," "You weren't smart enough to seize this opportunity," or "You weren't strong enough to overcome." All of these narratives trigger a feeling of insecurity for the person they are aimed toward. It could make a person feel as though they somehow fundamentally missed their opportunity to shine in life.

There's no question that humans are capable of incredible resilience. But we are living in a time where we are witnessing the ascension of humanity - a rising of human consciousness out of the negative emotions of guilt, shame, and fear to the higher frequencies of love, peace, bliss and enlightenment. Because of this ascension, we now have the opportunity to prioritize our spiritual needs, but we have to go against our negative societal conditioning that tells us there is a one-size-fits-all model of "success". If we subscribe to this view, we automatically miss the chance to bring our unique divine gifts through to the world, because there is no "model" to be followed. Our soul is not a carbon copy of another's.

A human being who is surrounded by predominately lower frequencies is like a flower living in concrete. The problem is twofold: not only are the lower frequencies devoid of the emotional nourishment provided by the higher emotions (the nutrient-packed soil), but the lower frequencies also block any chance of the higher emotions being experienced. It is the same as how the concrete prohibits the deliverance of water and nutrients to the roots of a flower.

The most effective way to handle the negative energy so that it dissolves is to surrender the negative emotion by refraining to identify with it. This means to accept and allow, instead of to resist, suppress, repress the experience. Below is a visual map of the way up the scale of consciousness, which will help to illustrate what happens in the surrender process when the universe replaces the emotion we just surrendered with a higher one.

The scale of consciousness is a quantifiable, step-wise model of all the levels of emotion. It reveals what the next level will feel like once we are willing to surrender the negative energy of our current level of awareness. Sometimes, we are even able to make multiple jumps at the same time if we have a precise awareness of which emotions we are experiencing. The levels were calibrated by Dr. David R. Hawkins using kinesiology muscle testing over thousands of subjects, and it is depicted here:

The Scale of Consciousness

Many of us have been in environments where negativity predominated, and we were forced with figuring out how to survive or get out of these conditions. It is not just that the experience drains your energy - it will also be the case that competitiveness, rivalry, competition and jealousy will occur at the lower frequency levels. This means that the people around you will actively be working against your ascension in any area. On the lower levels of consciousness,  the only option people see as viable to feel good about themselves is by making themselves seem superior to someone else. If it is your goal to rise above this sub-par mentality and to consciously choose to climb up the scale despite what everyone else is doing, then you need to learn to be selective with your attention. Your focus has to shift from base survival to flourishing spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. You must become willing to loosen your grip on those negative emotional states and to let them go.

If you're familiar with the scale of consciousness, you know that the tipping point - the neutral level - is courage, which calibrates at level 200. In order to ascend, we each must individually have the courage - the audacity - to go our own way. But there are energetic structures within society which are heavily invested in keeping people from going their own way, and these are known as pendulums. When multiple people begin thinking and feeling along a similar direction, a pendulum is what results from their collective unified thought forms. Examples would be corporations, special interest groups, companies, institutions, religious organizations, friend groups, family units, sports teams, organized crime groups, cults, national groups, etc. These pendulums form their own energy structure - separate from the individuals that created them - and then enforces rules, laws, customs, and traditions that its adherents must follow. We need pendulums in order to have enough power to accomplish acts on a grander scale than we could do alone - and in that sense, they can be useful. However, what many people are not aware of is how they unwittingly give their free life energy over to pendulums at the expense of their own individual soul's fulfillment.

One of the favorite myths that pendulums try to peddle is that success is only for a select few, and they also make success seem like it is quite hard to achieve. This perception keeps people frustrated, depressed, and anxious - all while harvesting more and more negative energy from their adherents who believe they "just aren't working hard enough." Can you see where this keeps people on the lower levels of consciousness just by default? The most obvious example of a pendulum is the mainstream media, which loves to peddle the myth that celebrities are more deserving than "ordinary" people of high levels of success. They are incentivized for peddling this myth because it gets them lots of clicks, views, and advertisements, which in turn brings in more adherents to the media's narratives. 

If you believe that heaps of problems and struggles are necessary on the way to the goal, you have swallowed these myths hook, line and sinker. You find yourself living as a flower growing in concrete. You can survive under these conditions, but it would benefit you much more to be in an environment with nutrient-rich soil, especially if you have meaningful visions you want to see come to fruition in the world.

Pendulums don't have conscious intent like humans do, but they are very skilled instigators of conflict energy. The negative thoughts and feelings that are generated by human failures are not what creates a pendulum, but they are the only things that keep pendulums alive, so pendulums will actively promote conflict in covert ways. We need to have the awareness to spot a pendulum's influence, and then the courage to simply pass it by indifferently, in favor of tuning in to the voice of our own soul instead.

The courage to pass it by? That seems like an odd thing to say, as it usually doesn't take much courage to simply leave something alone. But pendulums are all about provocation. The more clever the provocation is, the more likely it will be able to harvest negative energy from humans. Pendulums have all sorts of insidious ways to get a negative rise out of us, and it's not necessarily easy to spot, much less to keep inwardly calm.

Think about the number of times a day you experience a negative emotion, and then how much time you spend trying to recover from it, process it, change it, fix it, solve it, overcompensate for it, etc. This seems like it's "normal," but it actually isn't. For humans, well-being is the order of the world, and spiritual fulfillment is our birthright. The more the pendulums can convince you into just thinking negativity is "the way of things," the longer they will have your energy under their control to feed themselves, because you will constantly be biting at the negativity in order to "fix" it. Whether you are for or against a pendulum, you still feed it with your focus if you give it any attention.

Let's examine the opportunity cost when it comes to pendulums - where is your focus going for most of your life? Is it tuned into the presence of your peak spiritual fulfillment? If not, where did it go? Here are some common, everyday examples:

How many of us can resist the temptation to argue back with someone who is clearly invested in getting a rise out of us, pushing our buttons or hitting on our insecurities to try to get us angry or irritated? The energy basis behind this is a pendulum's attempts to increase the conflict energy between you and this other person.

How many of us can stay calm in the face of political, social or racial issues when they seem to get in our way of living a peaceful life? The energy basis behind this is a pendulum's attempts to increase conflict between you and another group of people.

How many times have we gotten angry when someone cuts us off in traffic, or taken out our frustration about a situation at work on our loved ones at home? Once again, the pendulum will have a myriad of ways to increase conflict energy about anything, anytime, anywhere and between anyone. On the surface, there is the opportunity cost where instead of feeling a positive emotion, the pendulums provokes you into emitting negative energy. But even more insidious is what the future version of your life will look like based on the given level of consciousness you hold at this current time. The determination of which sector of reality manifests for you physically depends upon what kinds of thoughts and feelings you emit outwardly to the metaphysical side of the reality mirror. Who are you allowing to be in control of this - you, or the pendulums?

The level of awareness you have about the surrender technique for negative emotions is what will allow you to climb up the scale of consciousness to the positive emotions, while leaving the pendulums alone. If you are unfamiliar with the letting go technique that works for all forms of negative emotions, you can read about it in this blog post. It's important to become aware of the fact that negative energy actually has nothing to do with us - it is simply an impersonal phenomena that happens in the earth's magnetic field as a result of pendulums.

Pendulums fall under the umbrella term egregore - non-physical entities and thought forms that come from the collective thought energy of a group of people thinking in the same direction. They do not have conscious intent like humans do, but the defining characteristic of pendulums is that they are always at war with other pendulums, constantly attempting to increase conflict energy and harvest it for themselves.

If this is your first time finding out about pendulums, and you find this concept hard to grasp because we cannot physically see them, that is understandable. Think about it this way: everyone knows that love exists and that is not because we can see it. We know what love is because its presence or absence can be felt by all sentient beings. Because pendulums attempt to take away a human being's freedom to choose their own reaction via provoking them to react negatively, you can think of pendulums as belonging to a category that is diametrically opposed to the existence of love. After all, it can only be love if there is a choice. Love must be freely given. If you manipulate or force someone's hand - as the pendulums do when increasing conflict - then there is no choice, and it is not love at all.

Getting out from under a pendulum's influence so that you can go your own way and use your free life energy to shine your divine light in the world is one of the most radical acts of self-love you can give yourself. You can learn more strategies for this crucial skill set in our short guide The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul, which contains exercises for applying Transurfing principles to every day life. This will teach you how to align with external intention - the divine intelligence - and to uncover the smoothest path to your soul's goals for this incarnation. You will have the knowledge necessary to identify the energy basis of all the current and potential obstacles you face in life.

The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul shows you how you unwittingly created the obstacle in the past and entered the Vicious Mirror Cycle. You will practice jumping from this cycle straight into the Miraculous Mirror Cycle, using either a positive or negative event as an entry point.

Enjoy the process!


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