Let the Soul Lead You to the Path of Least Resistance

Let the Soul Lead You to the Path of Least Resistance

Have you heard of the Transurfing term: space of variations? In Reality Transurfing, we think in terms of the energy basis for all possible sectors of reality so that we can exercise our ability to choose which of them we would like to manifest. The space of variations contains an infinite number of possible reality sectors that we could tune into with both our soul and our mind when we want to be transported there. The mechanism by which we travel from sector to sector is called the flow of variations, which is like a long chain of events that happen according to our choosing - once we understand exactly how that choice occurs.

Society has us conditioned to believe in some kind of objective reality that behaves according to a fixed set of rules, but reality actually behaves like a dual-sided mirror, giving humans the option to correct or change what is being reflected back by making adjustments in their inner world. We all understan the idea that on a Friday night, we could make a choice between staying home, going to a friend's, watching TV, going to a concert, cooking dinner, etc., but what we don't think about is what happens to those sectors of reality that we do not choose for that particular Friday night. They still exist, along with an infinite number of other choices, as potential energy inside of the space of variations. The reason they do not manifest is because we direct our soul and mind toward one certain experience, and so the rest of them do not materialize on that night.

What about the kinds of negative or frightening experiences that happen to us? Why do our fears sometimes come true when we would never consciously want them to? It is because the clarity that results when the soul and mind agree on something (in this case, our fear) is what drives the whole manifestation process.

Learning Transurfing principles gives you a foundational understanding of why our worst fears tend to come to fruition while our highest goals can so frequently seem inaccessible. Whether the content is fear-based or bliss-based, the driving mechanism is the same: the unity of soul and mind will create physical expressions of whatever it is they agree on. This agreement creates a metaphysical, energetic image, which is what the human being is emitting toward their reality mirror. If this image is sustained for a period of time, then their outer reality will slowly shift and change to a sector of reality that supports whatever emotional frequency the image contains.

It is so easy for people to fall prey to fear, not just because it is familiar, but also because society is constantly telling us to focus on it. Everywhere you look, somebody is going on and on about the endless lists of things human beings need to be concerned about - the job market, the economy, the moral failings of the new generation, and on and on. This results in the mind becoming defensive against all of these potential things to be feared. Next, if the soul is so used to having her soft signals be ignored by the mind or at least labeled “unrealistic," then she may have a tendency to agree with the mind’s fears, especially if feeling depressed is something that she is used to experiencing consistently.

The mind is very clear about its endless stream of doubts. It has lots of "reasonable" arguments for validating every single fear and making it seem much more likely that the fear will come to fruition than for the dream to realize itself. With all of these convincing arguments, it beats down the soul's hopes and dreams until the soul becomes too spiritually tired to assert that the mind has no place being her master. What happens then is that the soul becomes weary and agrees with the mind over its fears. It does not have energy left to refute the mind and remind him of his role as humble servant to the soul. At this stage, we have perfect unison between soul and mind about the fear. When our soul and mind agree on the fear, then we have given our consent to the manifestation of the fear, which is merely a reflection of the unity that our soul and mind have entered into. Fear is not an absolute truth, by any stretch. The unity of soul and mind had only created an energetic image (the input), which is what got reflected back to us out of the dual-sided reality mirror (the output) after some time had passed.

With this unison comes a great degree of clarity about specific fearful scenarios, which then come into our reality as if in spite of ourselves. But it isn't in spite of anything - we got what we said we didn't want, but it was actually what the soul and mind focused on and imagined in perfect clarity.

If you want to stop this process, you can, but you need to cultivate a strong relationship with your own soul to do it successfully. The mind will always have a tendency to grasp for control and it needs to be kept in check, because it was always meant to be of service to the soul of a human being. The soul must be allowed and encouraged to say “No!” to the mind's fear rollercoasters and refute the mind’s hyper-fixation on the “what if's” surrounding the self-fulfilling prophecies that the energy of fear brings about.

The reason the soul is not always successful at telling the mind to be quiet is because she cannot express herself except in feeling tones that either sound like "Yes, I like this!" or "No, I don't want that!" She is not as adept at reasoning and arguing with a thinking mind that has a million justifications for why it is letting fear or concerns with survival run the whole show. The mind will beat the soul down with its "reasonable" arguments for why we can't have something: "There isn't enough time," "Where will the money come from?" "What will your family say?" "We don't have the skill set for that new job," or "How do expect to survive after taking this expensive risk if it doesn't work out?" and on and on, ad nauseam.

You need to find ways to encourage your soul to reflect, and find the strength to say no to the mind's fearfulness. You cannot be led to a higher vibrational experience by following the mind. That is part of the soul's ability to lead you along the path of least resistance, to where the universe has a new experience planned, just for your spiritual fulfillment.

We have just discussed how our fears come to fruition, and when it comes to achieving our soul's highest goals, the formula is the same: what will drives their manifestation is the perfect unity of the soul and mind. Where people trip over themselves is by expecting the mind to be able to come up with the means, but the mind can only build a new house from old bricks. It cannot source any new materials by tuning into the space of variations and receiving intuitive downloads. That ability is under the soul's domain, and that is why it is so crucial for her to feel listened to, nourished, and cared for. She is the one who can help you align with external intention and get to your goals faster.

The mind, on the other hand, thinks success is possible only when everything is unfolding according to its plan. If an unexpected event occurs that appears to throw everything off course, the mind will revert to a state of fear, panic, depression, apathy or malaise. What help will the mind be toward achieving any sort of clarity and unison with the soul at this point? None! That is why people find this process so much more difficult when working with their highest goals. It will always be the case that the mind feels stuck, but that is actually to be expected. Of course the mind cannot see the way forward. It is limited. It cannot tune into the space of variations and find the exact sector of reality where our soul's goals have come to fruition. But it doesn't need to - it only needs to come to a quieted state so that it can hear the soul's whispers.

This is what Abraham Hicks means when they say: "You can't get there from there." Your mind cannot be in a state of banging its head against a brick wall over the fact that it is unable to find the means to your goal and also at the same time expect that maybe tomorrow will be the day that it comes up with the perfect plan. It will never be able to come up with the means by itself. It needs to allow the soul to tune into infinite intelligence and feel her way there. Your soul's "recipe" for success already exists as complete! You just need to be tuned into that frequency track that corresponds to the goal's perfect completion which already exists in the space of variations. To do this, you need to give your soul permission to quiet the mind when it is getting out of hand, being unruly, and acting like a bully toward the soul's quiet inner knowings. The result of the mind's being unruly can end in only one of two ways:
  1. disagreement between soul and mind, or
  2. leaving the soul convinced that the fear is more real than the goal

Neither of these outcomes will bring you to your goal. When the mind is only tuned into how to overcome your problems, you will be tuned into the sector of reality where there is a need to overcome problems (e.g. not where you ultimately want to end up!) This is why the mind is always experiencing dead-ends, "impossible" situations, and has a tendency toward a pessimistic outlook. It is always looking at how to solve more problems, and therefore, if it is unwilling to become quiet, then it is the very source of the manifestation of more and more obstacles to be solved!

The mind does not have the ability to deeply trust like the soul does - and it is this very ability that will lead her, steadily and quietly, toward the realization of her own fulfillment. This is why when we have soul-centered, loving, and heart-based leaders who lead people with love, things just go better. Success is shared because win-win situations are created through this power of unity. Methods that produce win-lose situations like comparison, competition, rivalry, criticism, shaming, being punished for poor performance, etc. are actively refused as sub-par and seen for what they truly are: a poor substitute for the actualization of true human greatness. Human greatness is about each individual cultivating the ability to tune into their own unique soul, and then having the audacity to bring their soul's message forth into the world to shine their light and share their gifts.

The soul must be allowed to lead in this process, and we must support our own individual soul's growth by regularly tuning in, sitting quietly, and listening to what she has to tell us. Her access to the space of variations puts her in a unique position to train the mind into accepting that the fastest track to our goals will always seem unfamiliar and unrecognizable at first (link to how to align to external intention). She is the brave one of the pair, the adventurous one, the resilient one - and this makes her a fantastic emotional leader. When the mind sees a "hopeless" situation, it falters and criticizes itself or others, but the soul knows that appearances can be deceiving, and she continues on toward the yet-to-be-seen solution steadfastly.

The mind has a tendency to use what is referred to as internal intention (the force of the personal will) to manipulate objects on the physical plane. Because this relies on physical force and "massive action" to get things done, it is not as powerful a practice as aligning yourself to external intention, and allowing yourself to be fast-tracked to your goal via trusting the flow of variations. External intention has infinite intelligence at its disposal - something that internal intention cannot tap into. But external intention only arises when the soul and mind are in agreement - once the individual is tuned into the presence of the goal with their whole being, the path forward reveals itself. Aligning with external intention means walking the path of least resistance through which the recipe for success finds itself - to learn more about how to use this method more often, please see this blog post.

Although Transurfing principles give you a great advantage of advanced awareness, knowledge alone is still not sufficient. Practice is required. You need to develop the internal strength to be able to trust the flow of variations when it takes you places that you didn’t plan for - and for this, we need unique strategies to keep importance low and stop creating excessive potentials. When you align with external intention (link here), the divine intelligence will transport you along the fast track to your goals, and this will involve some unfamiliar twists and turns that could make you panic if you didn’t cultivate the ability to trust. You can learn a more systematic approach to these principles - along with practical exercises that can be universally applied to any area of life - in our guide The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul.

Enjoy the process!


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