Making the Superpower Visible by Viewing the Chiron Wound Differently

Making the Superpower Visible by Viewing the Chiron Wound Differently

The asteroid Chiron is the physical representation of the Rumi quote “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

I often use the inside-out T-shirt analogy to describe Chiron’s two sided nature. It’s widely known as the wounded healer, but what does one do with their Chiron in the world? How do you translate that mythology to real life?

The first step is becoming aware of the sign/house so as to see the nature of the wound - this is equivalent to realizing we’re wearing our shirt inside out in the first place.

All it takes to remedy an inside out shirt is a quick reversal, but many people feel Chiron is much too difficult an emotional problem to solve. I’m going to show you how straightforward & simple the internal process can be once you understand its true purpose.
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Let’s use Chiron in Gemini - the wound of words - for the example. This indicates being made to feel less than in an intellectual sense. The native is made to feel stupid compared to certain friends or family, or their mental processes & communication style is just different from how their culture defines “normal” or “smart.” Let’s say it’s in the 10th house of career, so it constantly comes up every moment at work.

Something like a learning disability, a sense of not being able to “keep up” mentally or even a language barrier would drive a wedge between the way the native & the people they work with approach intellectual information.
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Although the wound may feel so visceral that there’s an all pervading sense of helplessness in the area of this intellectual ”lack," it’s actually just as easily reversed as the inside out T-shirt. People only get stuck in their wound because Chiron’s pain is so blinding for most individuals that they can’t see the way forward. In order to successfully turn the Chiron wound inside out, we first have to look at its specifics.

The wound placed in Gemini may feel like an inferiority complex when it comes to intelligence as compared with those who are perceived to be more intellectually skilled. The key phrase here is perceived to be, because a perception shift is what’s needed. Just as your T-shirt wasn’t made to be worn inside out, you weren’t born to be walking around always relating to the world from your wounded Chiron. Natives will tend to do that on accident before they get their bearings with their true gifts.

The payoff for getting in touch with the gift is that you get to lead by example and show others that it’s possible to truly heal while we live our daily lives.
In order to “flip” the Chiron wound, we need to understand Chiron’s spiritual purpose - which is to show you where your superpower is during this incarnation. Its symbol is in the shape of a skeleton key for a reason - it’s quite literally the key to your healing in this lifetime.
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The pain of the Chiron wound grabs your attention by way of specifics - in this case, feeling “less intelligent” causes you to forcefully ask life in what ways you are intelligent and to really flesh those out.

Initially, the pain tends to blind the native to the fact that they have a deep intellectual capacity which those around them don’t even recognize. Once this capacity is recognized internally, then it can be consciously brought forth & the T-shirt is worn “right-side out” from that moment on. Even when the wound gets triggered again, it doesn’t hold the same weight as it once did - this is because the native has realized its true purpose as a gift.
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