Allowing for That Beautiful Moment When the Success Recipe Finds Itself

Allowing for That Beautiful Moment When the Success Recipe Finds Itself

One of the toughest things for the mind to give up is trying to find the means to a goal. It thinks that finding the pathway there should be part of its job, but the mind is only capable of building a new house out of old bricks. It can only reason from the foundation of what it already knows, and that is why the title of this blog post includes the word allowing. If you want to tune into the deeper wisdom of infinite intelligence which contains many more solutions than your conscious mind has access to, then you need to permit your soul to tell your mind to momentarily be quiet. You need to give the soul the green light to make space for herself to tune in vibrationally to the sector of reality where she feels fulfilled. The reason that this is challenging is because the mind is always yammering on about doubts, fears, and why it will be too expensive for the soul to experience the higher levels of success she wants.

By the end of this blog post, you'll have a much better understanding of where you get 'trapped' by staying tuned into sectors of reality which only contain the absence of your goal. If you want to practice vibrationally tuning in to the sectors of reality which contain the presence of your goal, then stay with me for just a moment! Here is what typically happens: 

The soul decides she wants to experience a new level of fulfillment, and identifies a specific goal. The mind tries to concern itself with the means of achieving the goal. It cannot imagine how this new experience will come into your reality because of all the current obstacles. The mind makes convincing arguments to the soul regarding the futility of moving toward the goal, citing these current obstacles as "proof" that what the soul wants is not practical or not possible.

Because the mind sees obstacles with the physical eyes, it takes these to be a kind of absolute proof. Then, the mind tunes into the obstacle in great detail, in an attempt to fix the obstacle. It thinks it is doing this in service of the soul, but the act of tuning into the obstacle results in the mind being tuned into the absence of the goal. Since the soul is tuned into the presence of the goal, there is discord, disagreement, and a state of non-unity.
When you're growing spiritually, you're always going to come up against new challenges you haven't seen before. You might just want to tell the mind to quit tuning into obstacles, but this is the best it can do without the help of the soul. The mind is limited in the amount of finite solutions it can come up with based on past experiences. 

What images are generated by the mind as it tries to come up with the means?

The mind will simply tune into more events that have the same frequency of these obstacles. The fast-track to your goal that happens when you align yourself with external intention is powered by the unity of the soul and mind, which is why the mind cannot allow the success recipe to find itself without the help of the soul. Unity produces a powerful force which allows you to actually travel to a new sector of reality, free from obstacles, which contains the higher level experience of success.

The reason this fast-tracking is such uncommon skill is because people seldom give their soul's permission to become master over the mind. They allow the mind to strong arm its way to becoming the master of the soul - but this is a twisted state of affairs which will result in the soul's agony, depression and apathy over the fact that the mind is allowed to call her unreasonable and silly for wanting to experience higher levels of bliss which the mind is not capable of discovering on its own. In its insecure state, the mind beats up on the soul's purity, and she grows tired or wants to hide away from this state of affairs.

If you can find a way to achieve unity of soul and mind more consistently, you will be in a more constant state of being-ness where your personal soul's 'recipe' for success will simply find itself! This is because both soul and mind will be vibrationally tuned into the presence of the desired goal, not fighting about the current layer of reality's obstacles.

This is why Abraham Hicks says "You can't get there from there." You can't solve the problem on the same level as the problem. You also can't talk your mind out of focusing on the obstacle until you have practiced the below approach and shown your mind that it actually works....

So what is the Transurfing approach to this problem, and how is it different from using the mind to come up with the means?

How does the recipe find itself?

The mind will inevitably try to come up with the means to achieve the goal, then it will see obstacles, and then it will begin to object to the likelihood of the goal being achieved. In the first approach, the soul is defeated under the mind's "well-reasoned" objections, but in the Transurfing approach, the soul says to the mind: "Be quiet for now! This new experience is not something you can construct on your own without me. You need to give me enough silence to tune into the space of variations."

You don't frequently allow your soul to do this, do you? How many times during a stressful day are you able to allow yourself to expand emotionally and feel more inner strength, peace, and calm, instead of contracting inward because of the pressure you feel? Most of the time, the mind's fear-based arguments will trap you into believing the worst, and you will give more weight to the outer pressure than to your inner feeling of bliss & calm. This is why teachers like Mr. Rogers always encourage reflection - this practice keeps you out of the trap of fear and allows you to expand into what the soul knows to be true about the Self.

After all, why should the fear get more weight than the inner strength you have to expand into love? It is only your negative conditioning which makes the fear feel more "real" than the positive emotions you have the capability to evoke inside of you. Because the nature of reality is like a mirror which works with a delay, the mind will tell you "See? We held an inner feeling of satisfaction for thirty whole minutes and nothing happened. It is the same old, dreary job, and unfulfilling life that faces us. You don't know anything."

This de-constructive, un-informed dialogue is the soul's cue to tell the mind to cut it out. It is not your cue to give up! And yet, giving up is what many people do, because they have not taken the opportunity to practice this applied wisdom and to demonstrate the results for themselves. It is not enough just to read about it, and that is why we live in a world where the majority of people - despite having all of this information - are walking around with unfulfilled souls.

So, let us take a moment and practice this applied wisdom for ourselves. Pick a topic or area of life where your mind is beating up on the soul, telling it all the reasons why what it wants is unrealistic, or listing all of the limitations and insecurities which it thinks will keep you from having the goal.

Now, in whatever words your soul feels are appropriate for the current moment, give her the permission to tell the mind to stop this negative spiraling narrative. She doesn't need to justify herself for wanting to do her job well - she is, after all, uniquely equipped to be able to feel her way to the goal. She just needs your permission to tell your mind to be quiet, because the mind's momentum sometimes turns him into a bully without him realizing it.

Now that the soul has spoken up for herself, let's look at the difference between what the mind was generating before and what it is generating now.

Now that the mind is allowing the soul to feel her way to the fastest track to the goal, the mind finds itself in a state of emptiness, which is the first condition for the recipe finding itself. It is not that the mind is empty of thought - thoughts will still occur. Emptiness is actually about emptying the mind of its attempts to use force - otherwise known as the application of internal intention - which is how it was previously trying to "solve obstacles." Once it is emptied of all attempts at using force, an entirely different set of thoughts, corresponding to a much higher frequency, will appear that will be of much more use to the soul's true fulfillment.

Eventually, the more the mind is willing to become empty of the problem and let the soul feel its way to the goal, the less problems appear. This is because the mind stopped tuning into the current obstacles, and so by definition they must begin to dissolve as the soul tunes in more and more to the new experience, which is on a sector of reality without the obstacles.

This is why Abraham Hicks says that you have to feel your way there by fine tuning. If you are disciplined enough to keep the mind in a state of emptiness - not because the thoughts will stop, but because you are willing to let them go - then the whole process will go smoothly.

If, however, you resist every time something unplanned happens, you will be rejecting the fast-track to your goal. Remember: the mind defines success as everything going according to plan. It thinks: if the plan I came up with is not unfolding before me, we need to turn around and go another way. But this is a trap, because the mind does not have the skill set that is required to make that determination. Only the soul does! And if the mind reflects the erroneous thought that you are "lost" and "hopeless" on the way to the goal, this is exactly what will be reflected back to you because the mind tuned into the goal's absence, instead of allowing the soul to find that sector where the goal's presence is waiting for you.

Train yourself to remember that you need to have the courage to tell your mind to be quiet so that you can follow the fast-track pathway that your soul is calling you towards. Prepare yourself right now, in this moment, by telling yourself: "I always stay ahead of my luck by being excited about unplanned events in my day," or "The universe delivers me to my goal in mysterious ways and I'm more than ready for my dream to realize." These affirmations strengthen the soul, so set a timer on your phone to come back to them at regular intervals. You've got to make cultivating an intimate relationship with the mysteries of life into a habit that you love to practice.

If you don't make this your active practice, you'll fall back to the level of relying on the mind to solve the problem on the level of the problem, which won't ever work. Not even once. You and your mind will be on the same level indefinitely until you muster up the courage to listen to follow the promptings of the soul that never seemed to make rational sense. But now, you realize that gaining applied wisdom means being willing to test these principles over and over again until you get good at the process.

Since Reality Transurfing gives you the ability to choose the sector of reality that you want to realize from the space of variations, there is no longer a need to exert control over other people or outside events or to create win-lose situations. Rather, by tuning your soul into the space of variations, you will be able to choose the exact sector that your soul would like to manifest in physical reality, without any cost to you or to others. Again, applied wisdom is key: the knowledge alone isn't enough.

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Enjoy the process!



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