Efficient Goal Achievement: The Difference Between Internal & External Intention

Efficient Goal Achievement: The Difference Between Internal & External Intention

The Phoenix in the Stars Astrological Academy takes a Transurfing approach to astrology, because it allows you to uncover the smoothest path to the fulfillment of the soul. In other words, even if you understand the map of the soul - the natal chart - but you don't know how to handle the obstacles you're faced with in life, then you're still up a creek without a paddle. Reality Transurfing is the art of allowing obstacles to dissolve on their own - you just need to understand their energetic basis.

If you are already familiar with Transurfing, you know that aligning with external intention is an extremely powerful method for choosing which sector of reality you would like to unfold in your personal layer of the 3D world. Transurfing teaches you that if you keep from creating excess energy potentials which block your goals, then you have the power to choose which sector you prefer out of the infinite combinations in the space of variations. The learning curve for navigating the space of variations may seem steep at first, but this is only because society has conditioned everyone to believe that only a select few are destined for high levels of success. The truth is, your soul has its own unique success sector in the space of variations - you just need to know how to tune into it (which is the subject of this post) and also how to stop creating excess potentials which is the subject of its own blog post.

In this article, we will illuminate the difference between using internal intention (the force of the personal will and the limited conscious mind), and external intention, which is essentially working in harmony with the divine intelligence that has an infinite amount of solutions at its disposal. Using your internal intention to overcome obstacles is the least effective method, and we will go over the difference between the two in a moment, but first, you probably want to know - where is my soul's success sector located? It is among an infinite number of reality sectors that potentially could manifest physically, located within the space of variations. The space of variations just a term for the metaphysical arena of life - the "behind the scenes" production energy - which is the energy basis of what ultimately arises in our personal layer of reality. What we get back from life will always be vibrationally equal to what we emit outward toward the reality mirror - it is simply a reflection.

Because reality is like a mirror that works with a delay, the way to work with the mirror most effectively is to emit the kinds of inner feelings and attitudes that you would feel once your goal has already been realized. In other words, assume the goal is already achieved. It is like raising your hand, but keeping it raised consistently - so that even though the reality mirror has a delay, it will eventually reflect back to you what you have been emitting towards it, so long as you don't allow the lack of physical proof to lower your inner state. What this does is metaphysically transport you along the space of variations to that sector of reality where your goal is realized, but during that period, you won't see any changes in your physical reality at first. However, if you are consistently emitting those same feelings and attitudes despite seeing no change in the physical realm, then you've gotten the hang of it! Eventually, your physical reality has no choice but to change to match your inner energy.

Ignoring the current physical reality is not as easy to do as it seems - most people let appearances string them along as being more "real" than the metaphysical, vibrational basis of reality. Thus, they prematurely give up when their physical reality doesn't give them any proof after only a short period of time. If you only focus on what is already in your physical reality, as opposed to what's happening on the metaphysical plane inside of you, you'll never be able to get ahead of your luck, because you allow the physical feedback from the world to dictate your mood, and ultimately, your life situation.

Trying to overcome all the obstacles that seem to be in our way by working hard, struggling with outer events, and insisting that everything should go according to our plan and our timing is a very ineffective way for a new reality to realize. This kind of approach is called using internal intention, and it goes something like this: "I insist that I will have my way in this situation, and I demand that people give me what I feel I deserve. Any event that deviates from the plan in my mind would fall under the umbrella of failure." Using this approach, you express your dissatisfaction with the way things are right now. You insist on a specific solution that your limited conscious mind came up with, based only on past knowledge and lacking a lot of important context or alternative solutions. You use force and willpower to try to eliminate things along the way that you see as obstacles. Whenever you catch yourself using this method to achieving your goals, ask yourself: what are you lending all your focus and attention to? The answer will always be that whenever you express dissatisfaction with the way things are, you are metaphysically tuned into the absence of your goals.

If we don't like a movie we are watching, trying to go re-arrange the actors and events on the movie screen won't be an effective way of handling the situation. Although this seems obvious, people try to do this exact thing to control the people and events around them when things aren't going their way. You may think that expressing dissatisfaction or using criticism are innocuous things to do, but they actually are the very vehicles that are transporting you to an unfavorable reality sector where there are even more things to be dissatisfied about, and many new things for you to criticize!

It is not our outer circumstances which determine whether we travel along a favorable or unfavorable life track, but rather our inner attitude that flips the switch. That is because an inner attitude that is tuned into lack will bring more and more and more of the same. We are fooled only when we forget that the reality mirror works with a delay - thus, everything that we see around us is malleable and this is easily accomplished should we decide to align with external intention.

Aligning with external intention means allowing the divine intelligence to open the door for us. We do not insist, we do not demand, we do not criticize, we do not express fear that we will not be provided for, and we do not attempt to make our own provisions. When we find the feelings and attitudes inside ourselves that accompany having everything that we want - and we emit them consistently - then we are acutomatically transported to this new reality via an energy that is much more powerful than our personal will. In contrast to fighting against the outer events that we see, it sounds more like this: "It turns out that everything was going my way after all. Despite the fact that it looked like all the odds were against me, the divine intelligence of the universe opened up a secret door that my physical eyes could have never detected on their own. The world is always taking care of me in ways that I can't always perceive."

All of this can only happen if you can train your mind to allow for unforseen events along the way. The mind will not like to do this at first; the reason that aligning with external intention is challenging is because the mind defines "success" as everything going according to plan. Take a moment to question this. Isn't success simply feeling the way you've always wanted to feel inside? When we buy something for our enjoyment, it is not really that thing we are after, is it? What we really want is that positive feeling we think it will give us. So, working effectively and efficiently with the reality mirror means pre-empting the whole process and just eliciting that inner feeling for ourselves straight away. We don't need to be holding the object in our hands to elicit an inner feeling. It is the other way around. We could fight tooth and nail to obtain a prized possession - or, we could choose to align with external intention and uncover a scenario where eliciting that inner feeling will bring us that prized object effortlessly. That is our birth right to be able to choose how we feel inside.

External intention will take you along a path that you don't recognize, because the limited mind cannot know how best to solve a problem or the fastest way to a new goal we have never achieved before. By definition, things will happen that appear to be against the achievement of the goal. It is this exact moment that you need to react positively, against society's negative conditioning that would say you need to use elbow grease to fight the flow and overcome your difficulties by insisting that everything go according to your timeline. Picturing the means to achieve the goal means you are limiting yourself to only what you know - but the divine intelligence has way more options at its disposal to give you what you want.

Cultivating real trust like this takes a specific skill set. Specifically, you have to be willing to take your goals off a pedestal and lower the importance of the goal. When you do this, you have the inner space to stop insisting on having it your way and accept that it is already yours. When you don't do this, you become blind to the fact that it is on its way, and you start overcompensating - then, without realizing it, again you are energetically tuned in to the absence of the goal. To tune into its presence means to react positively in all cases, especially when something "bad" happens, when you have made a mistake, or when you get "negative" feedback from the world. When you have the wherewithal to elicit your own inner feeling regardless of what your physical eyes tell you, then you have successfully aligned with external intention, and doors will open for you on their own.

Although Transurfing principles give you a great advantage of advanced awareness, knowledge alone is still not sufficient. You need to develop the internal strength to be able to trust the flow of variations when it takes you places that you didn’t plan for - and for this, we need unique strategies to keep importance low and stop creating excessive potentials. When you align with external intention, the divine intelligence will transport you along the fast track to your goals, and this will involve some unfamiliar twists and turns that could make you panic if you didn’t cultivate the ability to trust. The mind will distrust any event that isn’t part of its own plan - but you need to apply the principles of Transurfing and practice trusting the flow. The world needs the gifts that your soul has stored within, and you can be certain the path is there - you just need to practice tuning into it!

If your goal is to cultivate trust like this in order to allow your goals to be realized via external intention, then you must practice lowering importance so that your tendency to resist the flow of variations will not get in your way. We offer a short guide called The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul, which goes more in depth on how to follow the flow of variations and to cultivate an unshakable trust that your soul's success sector will realize in the physical. Many of these techniques fly in the face of what society would call "common sense," and so we have added practice worksheets to the book so that readers may build their inner strength and endurance even in the face of the toughest outer conditions. We know it will bring you insight to how difficult cycles in your life have come about, and demonstrate that it is actually easier to dissolve them than you may have been conditioned to believe.

Enjoy the process!


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