How to Exercise Your Power to Choose a Different Sector of Reality in the Space of Variations

How to Exercise Your Power to Choose a Different Sector of Reality in the Space of Variations

For all of human history, we have been trying to make sense of how reality works so that we can not only come to an "objective" understanding of its laws, but also so we can capitalize on this knowledge and use it for our benefit. The premise is as follows: if we could just pinpoint the exact model that underlies the reality of our universe, we think that would give us the opportunity to exercise more control over how our reality unfolds.

The premise is based on an assumption that there is only one "life track" we are all living on. This assumption results in attempts to try and "edit" our current life track. Each of us is actually existing on our own personal life track - among the infinite number of life tracks contained within the space of variations - according to the emotions and thought forms that our soul and mind agree on. The soul and mind form a clear metaphysical image when they agree - and this is the underlying mechanism behind our power to choose. Understanding this concept is how we exercise free will to its fullest extent, because we are no longer in a disempowered inner state. If we buy into societal conditioning regarding the alleged existence of only one life track, we remain blind to the fact that we can jump to another track with a more desirable script and a different of decorations. This understanding limits our power of choice, which is actually much broader than society programs us to believe.

When we take a quiz in school, the answers are categorized according to the labels “right” and “wrong.” What students must do in order to succeed on a test is to determine which is which, according to a presumably "objective" outside reality. If they select mostly the “right” answers, they get a good grade on the test, and this is supposed to demonstrate that the student has a strong grasp of the “concrete” truths of the subject. Many students will go on to apply this same model of “absolute” or “objective” reality in the real world, thinking that success and fulfillment will come to them if only they follow the “right” model. This is how the programming happens, and it is also why the myth that higher levels of success are only reserved for a select view has been so pervasive! If you can't feel your way to un-realized sector of reality where your soul can enjoy the unfoldment of her highest goals, then you remain stuck inside a layer of reality where just a few people are enjoying success.

People think to themselves that if they cannot find success on the track they are currently on, then the experience of true fulfillment might not exist for them at all in this lifetime. But this isn't true at all - they just won't experience this level of fulfillment until they tune in their own soul’s unique success sector - which lies inside the yet-to-be-realized space of variations. This is how to get fast-tracked to their soul's true goals by jumping the track. Until that moment, they will always be chasing after someone else’s idea of what fulfillment should look like on a life track that just doesn't seem to yield to their efforts. It is actually society's pendulums that promote this commonly held confusion about the true nature of reality so that they can harvest the negative energies from humans for their own survival.

The underlying nature of reality behaves like a dual sided mirror - one side physical and the other metaphysical - and it operates with a delay. Everything that we see in our physical world arose simply as a reflection. We are simply getting out what we put in to the metaphysical side of the mirror when we emit feelings and thought forms that correspond to certain (potentially realizable) sectors of reality. This allows us to understand that as scientists come up with new an improved models of reality, hoping that ultimately we will arrive at the "final" or the "correct" or at least the "closest" model to the true nature of reality, all the world does is to reflect back that it does in fact, conform to that model. All that is happening here is a reflection. The world asks, as if on a quiz: "What do you think I'm like?" The scientists (of any given era) answer: "You are X/Y/Z" or "Now we learned you are A/B/C," and the reality mirror consistently replies "Yes, you are right; I am what you say that I am."

The physical form reality takes will always be according to the vibrational energy image that we emit, and this image is formed via the unity of our soul & mind. Thus, in order to move toward the physical manifestation of our goals, we have to consciously become aware of that which we are emitting, and to be careful not to allow the initial lack of feedback from the world to cause us to lower our frequency into fear, anger or jealousy. If we choose to hang on to these lower frequency energies, we are choosing (without being aware) to be transported to a life track with scripts and decorations that correspond to more fearfulness, more anger, and more jealousy. When this happens, we usually double down on our efforts to "edit" the current life track we are on. Not only is this perspective based on the false assumption that there is only one life track, but these efforts are part of the most ineffective method of changing our reality, which is called internal intention.

Internal intention is concerned with trying to exert the force of the personal will to change the physical obstacles in front of us. It is limited to the physical plane only, and thus all of the solutions contained inside the metaphysical space of variations are unavailable to us when we use this method. There is a better way, where we simply choose another life track without those obstacles, and this is known as aligning with external intention so that we are fast-tracked to a sector of reality where the goal realizes itself. This method will feel miraculous every time, because we don't have to waste energy "editing" the current life track, which the mind finds quite unbelievable.

What do most people do when trying to accomplish goals? Most people rely only on what their physical eyes are telling them when they measure progress - but the way the dual-sided reality mirror works is that it takes your inner frequency and emotions from moment to moment and reflects them back out to you in a future time. This is why losing heart too soon - allowing your mood to go from hopeful to disheartened when you don't see progress right away - is an effective way to block your goal from ever reaching you. If you stay inside the energy of fear or grief without a willingness to let it go, then this image of grief is all you're giving the dual-sided mirror to work with - after all, everything we see with our physical eyes arose out of an energy basis, including any obstacles on our path.

Notice how our social conditioning tells us we need to follow a one-size-fits-all model of success? Just observe how obsessed society is with celebrity culture, pushing the myth that success is only reserved for a select few, who allegedly have more talent/connections or are more worthy by some other metric. Pendulums would have us believe that success is a one-size-fits-all model, reserved for the elite and not the common individual, but this is simply untrue.

Actually, there is a unique success sector for every soul, but the reason most people stray far away from theirs is because they allow themselves to get down and out when a negative event happens, or when they don't see progress as quickly as they expect. Either of these events can cause a lowering of an individual's frequency, which in turn deprives them of emitting positive thoughts and emotions that serve as a kind of "fertilizer" for the energy basis of how their future will feel. Again, whatever the soul and mind agree on will form a metaphysical image, which will then determine which corresponding sector of reality in the space of variations that actually physically manifests for any individual.

Imagine for a moment, an individual who was from an indigenous culture and experienced an unusual (to westerners) upbringing: separate to most of the outside world, disconnected from social media, they are living the simple life on an island. They are blissfully unaware of the need to struggle to make money, to compete to find a nourishing relationship, or the inevitability of feeling "lost" when seeking true fulfillment for their soul. Everything that this individual expects and believes to be provided with - love, emotional safety, nourishment, happiness - is all delivered to him from the earth, swiftly and right on time.

When this individual comes to the United States for the first time, they meet a man who they observe puttering about, muttering to himself about long to-do lists he must complete, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation when he can’t get what he wants right away, and yammering to his wife on the phone about how all of the good items will be completely sold out when he finally arrives to complete his shopping. Once again, everything this individual expects and believes about the way the world operates turns out to be true, but only for his layer of reality.

Can you see how these two very different relative truths were created? The key is to observe that life behaves very differently toward these two individuals - not according to some objective set of rules - but rather by reflecting back the rules that were set by the individuals themselves! Since reality behaves like a dual-sided mirror that humans have influence over, instead of one absolute truth that could describe all of reality, what we end up with is layers upon layers of individual relative truths, all co-existing and making up an amalgam that we call the world.

The inner thoughts and feelings that the soul and mind agreed on formed two distinct original images, and resulted in these two people to live with two distinct relative truths. This placed them onto life tracks that looked very different from one another, but it also went a step further than that. Both of them probably thought that life was giving them “more of the same” regardless of what they did or what they said, when actually, they were continuously getting transported to the life track that contains the same kinds of frequencies that their soul and mind agreed on. They only stay on the same life track if the soul and mind never agree on something new - whether that be a worse or a better experience. Once the soul and mind come to agreement on something different, then a transport happens as a result of external intention- which is that powerful force that arises when the soul and mind are in unity. This transport can be fear-based, or it can be bliss-based; that is completely up to the individual.

Once we realize our incorrect understanding that there was an objective reality with obstacles and problems that come into our life at random, we start to wonder if we unwittingly placed obstacles there by emitting a corresponding negative emotion. This is in fact what happened, and we were also unwittingly creating excess potentials anytime we tried to overcompensate when things didn't seem to be going our way. Excess potentials are a result of trying to edit the life track we are currently on, and thereby remaining tuned into the presence of obstacles.

As we have been discussing, external intention is when we allow ourselves to tune into the sector in the space of variations where our goal is already realized. As the more effective and powerful method, it is about allowing the goal to realize on its own, rather than about achieving the goal through overcoming anything. As the more effective and powerful method, you would think everyone would be clamoring to use it, but the issue is that the mind has an ingrained habit of doubting. The doubts cause the mind to disagree with the soul about whether the goal is possible - especially because the mind is so used to be trapped inside of the Vicious Mirror Cycle where everything just seems to get worse.

In another blog post, we already touched upon the myth that high levels of success are only reserved for a select few. Pendulums can harvest a lot of negative energy from people who buy into this myth because they will constantly become disillusioned, disappointed, and depressed, emitting negative thought forms that serve to strengthen the pendulums. But you must discard this myth if you are to align yourself with external intention, because your mind must allow the soul to feel her way to the sector where your goal is already realized.

The mind can only build a new house from old bricks - and so by definition, it cannot come up with the means necessary to have a new experience on a higher level of consciousness. In order to keep the mind from trying to overcompensate and overcome - two keywords that describe the use of internal intention - you'll need to strengthen your ability to trust the flow of variations. The soul must be able to tell the mind to be quiet for a moment while she tunes into the space of variations and feels her way to the fastest track there. If the soul allows the mind to hammer on about limitations, obstacles, and the like, then there will be no agreement reached because the soul cannot present the mind with a higher-level experience if it won't listen. Aligning with external intention is about allowing the world to bring the goal to you - and this is a concept that the mind finds very difficult to accept.

External intention can only arise when the mind and the soul agree something, so the mind's willingness to quiet down during the process is vital. The mind defines success as "everything is going according to my plan," but by definition, a higher-level experience will include new kinds of events that we couldn't have predicted. You need to develop the inner strength to be able to trust the flow of variations when it takes you places that you didn’t plan for - and for this, we need unique strategies to keep importance low and stop creating excessive potentials. The path will involve some unfamiliar twists and turns that could make you panic if you didn’t cultivate the ability to trust. You can learn a more systematic approach to these principles - along with practical exercises that can be universally applied to find fulfillment in any area - in our interactive guide: The Smooth Fulfillment of the Soul.

Who would have thought these astonishing levels of success were for everyone? Well, it is for everyone who is willing to put these principles into practice! Although Transurfing principles give you a great advantage of advanced awareness, knowledge alone is still not sufficient. Practice is required. Get your digital, interactive guide to your soul's fulfillment today and follow along as we teach you to tap into external intention to enjoy your soul's birthright in the world of form.

Enjoy the process!


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