Divine Grace in the Quincux: How this Tricky Aspect Can Help You Accomplish the Impossible

Divine Grace in the Quincux: How this Tricky Aspect Can Help You Accomplish the Impossible

A quincux is represented by a dotted green line when two planets are 150 degrees apart. Figure 1 contains an example of a Yod configuration, which is made up of two quincuxes, and a sextile. The points A to B and the points B to C form two distinct quincuxes. (The green lines are solid here, but they will be dotted when the chart is rendered in astrology software).

Figure 1.

Quincuxes are considered a minor aspect, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they don't have very profound lessons to teach. These aspects are intense experiences that teach the natives about what can be accomplished when you drop the mind and become utterly committed to living by divine grace. This is a demanding aspect. The natives who have them have potential within themselves to show others a way out of the darkness when all hope is lost.

I call this the ‘impossibly possible’ aspect, because the experience of it is about as paradoxical as the name implies. The two planets involved will feel as though they can’t maintain any sustainable reconciliation between them - like they’re fighting and making up every couple of minutes.

Quincuxes demand that the native constantly resolve the tension between the two planets. With squares or oppositions, there can be a back and forth that allows for a short-term respite, but not so with the quincux. These aspects require a lot of discipline in terms of directing one’s focus to find a balance, and then once you find it, you discover that it’s truly an ongoing balancing act!

If you are someone who has multiple quincuxes in the chart which are connected, you may have a planetary configuration called a Yod (pictured in Figure 1 above). In this case, you’ll have double the amount of impossible possibilities to manage. This is quite a rare aspect in itself, and you can read more about its configuration in this post.

To go beyond theory and facilitate a real-life understanding of quincuxes, let’s take a look at one of the most difficult places to deal with them: inside of a relationship (synastry) chart.

In relationships, it is so tempting to believe that whatever negativity is going on must be the other person’s problem, because that is always how it will appear on the surface. We think that if only the other person would change, our own experience would improve. However, since reality is a mirror of our inner state, then by definition this belief that resolution will come through the other is only a projection of the mind. Because the mind cannot grasp dimensions of reality that are beyond the level of reason or rational consciousness, it will always tell us that any negativity is somewhere ‘out there’ because from its vantage point, it can’t find an effective way to rid you of the negativity.

Let’s do an example of a quincux inside of the synastry chart of a romantic relationship. Let’s say that a woman’s Mercury makes a quincux aspect to a man’s Mars. She feels that in the bedroom, there’s a lot more depth and breadth of experience that she wants to bring to her partner, but every attempt at communicating her needs & her vision results in a less than satisfying exchange.

The quincux is reflecting that she experiences him as bulldozing over what she wants to try in favor of getting his own needs met, and he experiences her as unwilling to acknowledge the effort that he is making toward accommodating her. You can see how both are making a good faith effort but that effort seems futile whenever they try to reconcile their individual desires with the shared experience.

How would this quincux resolve? It would have to happen that at least one of the individuals involved was willing to just accept that the situation felt impossible without trying to change it. Part of the quincux process is being ok with not knowing how the divine will step in and make the impossible possible, but nevertheless being willing to create the inner stillness required to receive a new understanding by grace. It’s easier to do this once we’ve exhausted all our own inner resources and ideas and then once nothing works we just give up all the effort and striving. This is where the divine has enough room to step in and it is how the quincux teaches about living by grace.

So, once the couple gives up all of the mental gymnastics that the mind uses to ensure it’s own survival, the man or the woman would have enough emotional and psychic space to channel a creative solution at a higher frequency than the level of their current problem. The deliverance of these higher energies is what happens by grace, but it is still within our free will to say whether we would like to let it in to our life or not. We would like to think that we would welcome higher energies, but what so often happens is that we become attached and identified with our suffering and old stories and this attachment blocks us from entering into a new consciousness.

If you have a quincux or a Yod configuration, you’ll likely arrive at an understanding of the role of divine grace before a lot of other humans, only because of the challenging ‘head start’ that it gives you where life just feels plain impossible. The value of the quincux is that it forces you to reconcile your human self with your higher self constantly and directly experience the miraculousness behind everything. There’s truly nothing more valuable than that kind of experience.

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Enjoy the process!


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