Two Common Mistakes People Make with the Visualization Process

Two Common Mistakes People Make with the Visualization Process

When choosing a new sector of reality out of the infinite number in the space of variations, the scripts and decorations are going to look very different from our current sector. This is why it can be useful to devise a mental slide - a visualization that contains the qualities of the new sector - so as to encourage the mind & soul to come to unity over the new experience. If you've been following the blog for while, you know that it is this unity which allows you to align with the amazing power of external intention, and to bypass the inefficient and limited approach of using internal intention (the personal will) where you have to overcome obstacles the hard way.

External intention makes available to you all of the solutions that the divine intelligence has at its disposal, which you could not have even thought of on your own. If you don't know the difference between using internal intention vs. external intention to accomplish a goal, it will be well worth reading this blog post before continuing on.

Now, let's return our focus to working with visualization slides! One of the most common mistakes that people make in visualization work of any kind is placing themselves in the third-person observer position, rather than engaging with the vision from the "main character" point of view. If someone participates in visualization from a third person point of view, they will not be able to live out the full vision in the way that the soul truly desires; rather, they will see other people living out what they want to have everywhere they look.

This happens for a variety of reasons, such as a sense of unworthiness, a set of deep-seated fears or doubts, or a lack of understanding of how visualization works, but the effect is the same.

Here is an example: Let's say you want to own a Lamborghini. You do the visualization work where you imagine the smell of the car, the shininess of the sleek paint, the sound of the engine, the incredible interior, how it feels to drive it on the highway, the way people stop and stare at it, and so on and so forth.

After a week has passed, you begin to see them more and more - and maybe you take this as a sign that your visualization practice has been working. It has! But the one thing you overlooked is that each Lamborghini you see has an owner who is... well, not who you intended it to be. That's not because you got the visualization process wrong - it worked perfectly well from the point of view you occupied: the third person observer perspective. That is why each time you see the car you want to own on the physical plane, you always remain the observer in relationship to it.

You may think to yourself that it's easy enough to avoid the mistake, but what actually happens is that even a small doubt in the mind can cause a crucial detail to be left out that keeps you just out of reach of that main character position, culminating in you being "almost there," but never quite making it to the top.

Let's take a closer look at why this happens:

The mechanism that fast-tracks you to a new sector of reality of your choosing is the unity between the soul and mind.  When they are perfectly in sync (meaning, the mind has no doubts left over about whether the goal can be realized), then you are said to be aligned with external intention, which is the force of the divine intelligence that arises to carry you smoothly to sector of reality where the goal is already fulfilled.

If the mind does still doubt that you could be the owner of a Lamborghini (which happens if it cannot conceptualize the means by which you would acquire it), then the mind would only be willing to visualize to the point of observing the car more frequently. In true "rational" fashion, it will be trying to talk your soul out of wanting to own the car, because it thinks that there would not be enough abundance, money, or resources left over to provide for basic necessities. You could wish for the car all with all your might, but the mind is not on board in this case.

If the soul loses heart over this and has not developed the requisite strength to stand up to the mind's inherent limitations, she will get tired of the mind's constant tirades, and she will give in to him. At that point, the soul and mind will agree that owning a Lamborghini is just "not in the cards" according to whatever justifications the mind has been using to "prove" it is not possible to own one. Thus, the sector of reality that this individual is transported to is one where it is - in fact - impossible to own a Lamborghini. This is, of course, only a relative truth. The realization of that sector of reality is merely a result of the fact that the soul and mind have both vibrationally tuned into the absence of the goal's realization.

This first mistake is the easiest to consciously perceive. The second mistake will always be less obvious because it occurs at a deeper level of consciousness that the limited mind cannot access. Remember, when you work with these kinds of visualization techniques to change your reality, you are still only working at the level of conscious thought and emotion. This means that if there is a distortion on a karmic level - which there often is in the areas of life we would like to see improve - then until we clear that past negative impression, every level above the karmic level will be adversely affected.

This is why people think to themselves: "I know I'm doing this process right - where is my result?" In fact, they are doing the process correctly, but their outer reality doesn't seem to budge. In these cases, the distortion of the soul's light not on the level of thought or emotion, but in the deeper karmic layer. Here is a visual to illustrate this concept:
If you know you are doing the visualization process correctly, and you still are not getting outer shifts according to the inner work you're doing, then the soul has not been given the opportunity to metabolize a past negative impression which is coloring your entire world view. The stuck-ness that you feel is not something that your conscious mind will be able to analyze or solve, which is why the superficial techniques like the law of attraction don't go deep enough to address distortions on this layer. In fact, there is only one thing that can dissolve these distortions at their root, and it's known as self-directed compassion.

The energy of compassion acts like a strong medicine, as it is capable of helping your soul to digest the stuck impression that could have happened to you in a past life, which you now cannot recall. Typically, people just experience elusive, yet repetitive negative patterns like feeling unlucky in business, or always choosing abusive romantic partners or consistently trying to "love" addicts back to health, despite knowing that is not a viable solution in relationships.

The karmic block obscures the purity of our soul's light as it travels from the metaphysical plane and reflects itself into a physical form. We think that we just need to "work harder" in this area of life, when actually, the problem is one of perception. The related miracles will come to us on the physical plane after the distortion is dissolved.

Since we will not be able to see the shift until the block is dissolved, the second most common mistake people make is attempting to address these karmic blocks using healing modalities that only work on the level of conscious thought. You cannot just phone a friend or therapist to "talk you out of" carrying the karmic distortion, because you would be trying to address it on the level of thought, and this block laid roots on a much deeper layer of your consciousness.

If we don't digest a negative experience all the way, we are unable to experience higher emotions in this area until we do. That block stops fresh, new positive energy from flowing freely. Therefore, we utilize the powerful energy of self-directed compassion, which acts like a strong medicine and dissolves the energy behind the block (not just the negative thoughts or emotions which the block produces).

The self-directed compassion exercises that are contained within The Great Escape of Innana: A Law of Attraction Troubleshooting Guide are a part of our Mourner Method - a systematic approach to helping all sentient beings clear the karmic blocks that they are carrying from past negative experiences or generational trauma. This method is specifically designed to dissolve even the most difficult blocks that have eluded you for years, including those that you can't bear to let anybody else know you're carrying.

The Mourners are two fictional characters from a therapeutic myth from Sumerian culture - the ancient story of Ereshkigal & Innana. This book is your key to escaping these pattern of the negative spirals you're familiar with, and learning that you really can trust the momentous power of a positive spiral - you just had to clear your lens! Once the lens is clear, the outer shifts will feel proportionate to the inner work you do on the level of conscious thought & emotion.

Miracles are our birthright. They are not something we can earn or create, and there is always a steady stream of them to satisfy our immediate need. Because we have the power to create our own relative truths according to which sector of reality we want to realize in our life, we also have the power to block our stream of miracles, without being aware that's what we're doing.

The Great Escape of Innana was intended for those sentient beings who seem to have tried every healing modality they can think of, only to return back to the same underlying patterns. Instead of giving up, try clearing the root of the problem - it will be such a relief on the other side!

Enjoy the process!


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